Performing arts senior grateful for time at RWU

Devon Kaplan, a senior performing arts major with a creative writing core concentration, is optimistic for the future and reminiscent about his time at RWU. After graduating, Kaplan hopes to develop his talents in acting, piano, singing and dancing. Ultimately, the one talent he would like to develop the most is acting, especially for films.  

“I don’t have a job yet, but I never give up, so I’ll just keep on going,” Kaplan said.

Kaplan said his time at RWU has been nothing short of incredible. 

“I love it. Everything [from] the smell of the place, the ocean, to the faculty, to making friends. Just a really good four years.”

Professors play a huge role in how students judge a school experience and for Kaplan, their impact is cherished. 

“Some professors had a lot of faith in me and that impacted me really positively. Especially my advisor, Cathy Nicoli. She was my biggest, most faithful teacher… it feels really good to know that people really care about their students,” Kaplan said.

Kaplan will miss how independent he was able to be on campus. He described it as a weird kind of independence since students are away from their families but still surrounded by so many people. He will miss showing his family around the RWU campus as well.

When asked what he would do if he had one more day on campus, Kaplan said the following:

“First thing that comes to mind is to hang out with my friends because all of them graduated before me. So, if I could get Adam Sullivan, my best friend I met freshman year, have fun and catch up, I would do that for my last day. Also, go to Beehive Café.” 

Kaplan hopes there will be some kind of graduation for seniors. While the university does have plans in the works, nothing is set in stone. Nonetheless, Kaplan is thankful for the memories RWU has given him over the past four years.