How to preserve your treasured memories, and use them as a tool to stay connected to your loved ones

(BPT) – While spending so much time at home, you may find yourself becoming more connected online than ever before. To communicate with the people you care about, you strive to find community and connection by posting personal photos and videos on social media daily — making it increasingly important to protect your online privacy and safety.

Finding connection through photo and video sharing is particularly relevant to moms, who often take on the role of family historian. In this increasingly digital world, sharing photos and videos from our lives can help foster connections with our loved ones. However, most people lack a simple solution to privately share content with only those we choose.

Pictures speak a thousand words

People overwhelmingly use photos and videos to share and communicate, as they reveal so much about our experience, memories and outlook on the world. When you can’t be close to those you love, sharing those memories and experiences with them through your photos or videos is the next best thing. Photos and videos can also help us revisit our favorite memories, invoking warm feelings of nostalgia. Many of us rely on social media to share life’s special milestones with our wider networks, but there are some moments that are only meant for those who matter most to you.

Furthermore, storing and organizing your photos and videos can be challenging. You store so many of them on your phone, laptop, SD cards, social media and cloud accounts — they’re all over the place. How can you find the ones you want, when you want them? How can you be sure they’ll still be there?

Digital dilemmas

Everyone struggles with these issues. Face it, digital chaos is a universal problem today. You may think that storing everything on the cloud is the solution, but it doesn’t solve the issue of organization.

The solution for the family historian

These digital dilemmas are searching for a solution. A reliable and convenient option to share your memories with your family and friends is to use a physical device, in your home that acts as your own personal cloud to store your photos and videos: ibi™ from SanDisk®.

You set up your ibi device at home by simply plugging it in and downloading the app — then let it do the rest. ibi is a device that lives in your home, so you’ll be confident that you know where your most cherished memories are being stored, and you’ll have full access to the content that matters to you most.

This smart photo manager provides:

  • 1 terabyte storage space1
  • Storage for 250,000+ photos2 or 100+ hours of HD videos3
  • No monthly subscription fees

Not every memory is meant for a wide audience. With your ibi device, you have the control to privately share your photos and videos with the friends and family members who you choose. Like having your own private social media account, the ibi companion app lets you create your own “inner circle” of close family and friends who you can privately share with or create albums together. Just share the private link or post directly to your app’s inner circle to have your own place that functions like a social media page for the people closest to you.

You can use ibi to back up photos and videos from your compatible4:

  • iPhone and Android mobile devices
  • Mac and PC
  • Social media and cloud content
  • USB hard drives and flash drives

Your photos and videos can be organized using the ibi app, by date and/or other organizational categories, making it easy to find them when you want them.

A family affair: Relive life’s precious moments

If you’re feeling lonely without the warmth of your friends and family, share and revisit your special moments with ibi. The smart photo manager brings your photos, videos and favorite people together, all in one place.

What could be better than enjoying your photos and videos on your phone, tablet or laptop? How about viewing them on your TV, so the whole family can enjoy them together? This Mother’s Day, many moms won’t be able to experience the joy of being physically together, but ibi can help her relive her most treasured family moments. Just download the ibi app on your compatible screen casting platform to take a trip down memory lane, an experience everyone in the household will love. Though traveling may be limited, your family can revisit those captured memories and take a virtual trip back to those special places.

Keep busy during this time by organizing all your treasured photos and videos. Then you can stay in touch with those you care most about by sharing your favorite memories.

To learn more about storing and organizing your important memories smartly, visit

This Mother’s Day, in partnership with Good Housekeeping and Woman’s Day, ibi from SanDisk is hosting a contest to honor some of the hardest-working moms as they are scrambling to balance work, childcare and a new way to manage their daily lives. We’re inviting all moms to share a snapshot of their lives through a photo or video by May 24, showing an inside look at the reality of motherhood in the face of a global pandemic. Moms can submit themselves or you can nominate any special mom in your life. There will be 100 moms selected to receive an ibi to help stay connected with family and friends and a $300 gift card to assist with essential items and ease the financial burden that many families are facing. To learn more about the campaign and submit your content please visit

11 TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes. Actual user capacity less.

2Based on a 13.75 MP, JPEG image with an average file size of 3.5MB. Examples of the number of photos that can be stored are provided for illustrative purposes only. Your results will vary based on resolution, content, file compression, file format, file size, host device, pre-loaded files, settings, software and other factors.

3The number of hours for videos is based on the 1920*1080 Full HD @ 30fps, 145MB/min, DV format. Examples of the hours of video that can be stored are provided for illustrative purposes only. Your results will vary based on bit rate, content, file compression, file format, file size, host device, pre-loaded files, resolution, settings, software and other factors.

4Social Media or Cloud account registration may be required. Social Media and Cloud services may be changed, terminated or interrupted at any time and may vary by country.

many of us are craving meaningful ways to connect with our loved ones. Sharing photos and videos from our lives can help foster those connections, but most people lack a simple solution for private sharing the content we want with only those we want to share with.