Signing Off For Now


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Writing can be a great way to release stress or express creativity.

I have always enjoyed writing. But you probably knew that. I mean, who would purposely join a club to write an extra “essay” every week or so? Anyway, this year I decided to pick writing back up after a long hiatus. In elementary school. I would write stories for fun all the time. My mom’s favorite is one where my third-grade class and I all got snowed in on our school field trip… to a Willy Wonka-style candy factory. But after my whimsical and innocent stories ran their course, I stopped writing outside of my assignments. Like I said, the wonderment and whimsy of it all was just gone. That is, until this year.

I still have not gotten back into writing stories. But I have got a little notebook that is filled with lyrics to songs, my fantasies, my daydreams. And no, you may not read them :). I also have my handy notes app on my phone, filled with similar creations. Those are also off-limits to all eyes but my own. Ideas on the go is my most active note, and also my most private. I date every entry. Being able to go back and remember how I felt on a certain day has been both interesting and nostalgic. Getting back into this type of writing has been therapeutic. Just writing small blurbs about things I see and what they remind me of has gotten me back in touch with my passion.

In those entries, the diction, word choice, and punctuation take a back seat to the ideas. And that is why I write to you all today, one last time this year. Just writing your ideas, not worrying about whether or not you sound super-scholarly or whatever, might be more freeing and enjoyable than you thought it could be. This summer, I urge you to take some time, whenever inspiration strikes you, to open your notes app and just brain-dump on it. You can methodically write about the frolicking through open fields and wildflowers, or about more mundane things. I say, just write! 

Thank you for reading what I have written this semester. Thank you for getting me back into my passion. So long, for now!