My trip to Montreal


Paris Inacio

Nu Sigma traveled internationally to Montreal, Canada.

The brothers of Delta Sigma Pi – Nu Sigma traveled internationally to Montréal, Canada the weekend of April 20th-22nd to visit Canadian business firms and business schools! We were able to view commerce and education from a global perspective and made many new connections!

We began our firm tours visiting the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal, where we met with Erandi Mottes Cortes who guided us through her position as the Senior Director of International Markets, Entrepreneurship and Business Information. She provided us with insights into the functionality of the Chamber of Commerce and how its actions correlate with United States affairs. She also provided us with business-related advice as many of the brothers that attended are moving into the secondary portion of higher education. Erandi was very informative and provided lots of insight into the world of commerce. We next stopped at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, where we met with Chris Wise, Graduate Recruitment and Marketing Associate, to talk about the post-graduation opportunities Concordia has to offer. We discussed a plethora of programs, such as MBA, CFA, CPA, MSC and their timelines as a graduate student. Visiting Concordia gave many of the brothers a new insight into expanding upon the United States’ scope and seeking new opportunities for graduate programs, potentially at the international level. After this, we headed to District 3 Innovation Hub, which is a startup accelerator and entrepreneurial community located within Concordia University. D3 Innovation Hub offered a modular and integrated workspace where students can form the space to how they’d be most productive. There were quiet and talking areas where entrepreneurship skills are developed and made, as well as a telephone booth for students to have an isolated space. It was very interesting to see the different ways students can be creative within the space but also in their own entrepreneurial ideas, all with the help of Anna Ehradt, Director of Administration and Operations at D3. The brothers also did some sightseeing, as we visited Mont Royal, the Olympic Park of Canada, and Old Port, which holds so much of the beautiful infrastructure of Montréal. We had such a fantastic time on our journey to Montréal, and are looking forward to planning our next adventure.

A special thank you to Erandi Mottes Cortes of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal, Chris Wise of the John Molson School of Business at Concordia, and Anna Ehradt from D3 Innovation Hub for having us! An additional thank you to the Gabelli School of Business for your support on our trip! Au revoir!