RWU Theater reaches new heights


The RWU Dance Theater Company hosted their Spring Concert this past weekend. The show featured eight routines, three of which were choreographed by our very own RWU seniors: Hillary McDonald, Gabriella Poulin, and Jessica Taddeo. From the fun and bouncing hip hop piece “Looking Back” to the suspenseful and eerie “Uncanny Territory,” the company put on a very entertaining program that captivated the nearly-full Performing Arts Center. There was passion captured in every movement by the cast of talented performers. The show was a great demonstration of what the Dance Theater Company is all about and a memorable way to say goodbye to the graduating seniors in the program. The group even took their final bows to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” – a fitting tribute to end another year’s worth of dedication to the art form these dancers love so much. 

During the final performance of the night, “Swan Song,” the dancers gathered together in a hug. (Emily Rosen)
RWU’s Dance Theater’s Spring Concert was showcased four times over the weekend. (Emily Rosen)