HALSA smashes Fiesta Barrio



HALSA’s Executive Board and a few of their general members.

Luke Brennan, Herald Reporter

RWU’s HALSA (Hispanic and Latinx Student Association) put on quite the fiesta barrio or “block party” last Friday, and students were having quite a time. Between attempting to conquer the mechanical bull and swinging for dear life at the piñata, it was a great way for students to blow off some steam with finals just around the corner. HALSA Vice President Tanya Acosta said HALSA was one of the first clubs she was looking to join when she came to RWU, and she wanted a sense of community. “Being far away from home, I wanted something where I could go and hang out and relate to the people I was with.” Acosta also said that HALSA is “a safe environment” for people to “hang out and learn about all of our cultures.” HALSA meets Wednesdays at 6:30 in the Intercultural Center.

Amy Parilla, HALSA’s Treasurer, takes a swing at the pinata at Fiesta Barrio.
HALSA President Eddie Conley attempting to conquer the mechanical bull at Friday’s event.
Alicia Ortiz Alba, HALSA’s Public Relations Officer, at the paint station at Fiesta Barrio.
Fiesta Barrio handed out free food to those who attended their event on Friday afternoon.