Six ways to celebrate graduation at home

If you have a graduation cap from high school, use it and have an at-home photoshoot with family.

Adam Zerman, Business Manager

Although seniors aren’t physically together for graduation, here is a list of six ways to celebrate graduation in quarantine.

1.     Video conference with friends/family

Use Zoom, Houseparty or any other video conference app to set up a call with all your college friends or family you don’t get to see often. Talk about some of your favorite college experiences and what you will miss most/least about college. You can even go out and buy a cake — maybe grab a takeout drink as well if you’re over 21!

2.     Plan a photoshoot 

Another fun way to celebrate graduation is to do a graduation photoshoot with someone you are quarantining with. You can make signs, and if you have a cap lying around from high school throw it on. You can even get your siblings to be part of the photos! When you’re done, post your pictures on social media and show off your at-home graduation.

3.     Do a honk and drive-by

If you have friends near you who are graduating as well, set up a honk and drive-by. Pick one person’s house, show up at a designated time, make signs and stay at least six feet apart! Also, if you know anyone graduating from high school, do a surprise one for them too.

4.     Create a collage

If you have an artsy side, print a bunch of pictures that document your favorite moments from college and make a collage out of them. Hang it in your room, take a picture of it and post it on social media. Let it be a reminder of your time at RWU!

5.     Recreate graduation at home with your family (or whoever you’re in quarantine with)

What better way to celebrate graduation at home than to have a mock graduation! Get one person to call the names and have the rest of your family or friends be audience members. You can even set up a video conference so friends and family who aren’t with you can watch. If you can get some college friends who are graduating on the call, you can make sure their names get read as well.

6.     Imitate Chase Bank’s “Show Me Your Walk”

On May 2, Chase Bank put on an event called “Show Me Your Walk,” which was a virtual commencement ceremony. Names such as comedian Kevin Hart, women’s tennis superstar Serena Williams and NBA superstar Stephen Curry were present. The three of them acted as speakers at the ceremony for all 2020 graduates. Furthermore, Chase set up the “Show Me Your Walk” hashtag challenge on TikTok, which encouraged graduates of all ages and schools to show off their graduation walks or poses. This way Chase Bank and people around the world could celebrate their incredible achievements. Although the event itself has passed, that does not mean you can’t still show off your walks and poses. Practice your serious, goofy and celebrity walks. Don’t forget to smile! That’ll give you something not only to pass the time but to share with friends. Continue the challenge by creating a friendly competition with your friends from RWU.