Hawks can do more than fly


RWU Athletics

Hawks competed in Connecticut College invitational last weekend.

Emily Rosen, Sports Editor

The RWU Track and Field teams prove that Hawks not only fly: they can run, jump, and throw, too. Both the Men’s and Women’s teams are rounding out their seasons and starting to prepare for the CCC Championships, which will be hosted at Gordon University this Saturday (April 29). Despite a rough beginning to the season due to weather and injuries, Head Coach Maura Logan described the teams as having “a pretty good, pretty confident start to the year.”

This is undoubtedly true, because last weekend, at the Connecticut College Invitational, both teams had an athlete break a school record.“The cool thing about that is every year since 2009, when track started as a varsity sport, we’ve broken a school record,” Coach Logan said. “That was really cool to see.”

On the Men’s team, junior Trey Generali broke the 3000m Steeplechase record by seven seconds. “Trey Generali has put in a lot of work, and Steeple is not an easy beast to tackle. To break [the record] by seven seconds is absolutely phenomenal,” Logan said. “It speaks to his character and his ability.”

For the Women’s team, Senior Brooke Dutton broke the record for the Hammer Throw, beating the previous record by two centimeters. “Brooke Dutton breaking it was icing on the cake that day,” Logan recalled. “For her, as a senior battling a shoulder injury this entire year, really just put her in that sense where she felt relief trusting the process, and trusting herself.”

Even with these two great achievements, Coach Logan has a different idea of what the highlight of the season is for both teams. “What’s driving the performance is that family that the team is starting to build. That culture. I haven’t seen one meet where one of the teammates isn’t getting cheered on by their fellow athletes. I think that’s what I’m most proud of.”