Why Ron DeSantis is a fascist and dangerous leader


Matt Johnson via Creative Commons

Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Jocelyn Jackson, Opinions Editor

Within the past week, educators in Florida were instructed to remove their books from classrooms, school libraries and media centers or face felony charges as a punishment. This is the result of a policy instilled by Governor Ron DeSantis from a K-12 education law he passed last year in his continued efforts to censor education that does not align with his conservative agenda.

The law looks to review the class material in each school district to restrict books “free of pornography and prohibited materials harmful to minors.” After DeSantis’s recent policies attacking education on LGBTQ+ and Black history studies, it is clear that he is furthering his white, heteronormative control.

Ben Ghiat, a historian at NYU describes DeSantis as “dangerous” in an AlterNet article, where she explores the fascist ideologies behind these recent DeSenatis policies. Ghiat discusses the methods of pushing the radicalized agenda and the way this influences the result of ”personality cults” while providing evidence with each policy past year.

One is known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill preventing any material on sexual orientation and gender identity from being discussed in schools grades kindergarten through third grade. DeSantis is also notable for restricting Black history studies as his Stop WOKE Act to fight against education on subjects pertaining to critical race theory. These are just two examples of the ways Ron DeSantis is harming progress made by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion actions.

Not only do these actions show we allow fascist hate to govern our states, but it is also another abuse of power. This will result in detrimental challenges for children, the LGBTQ+ community, and the Black community in Florida. Without necessary education, those in Florida will stray further away from equity as DeSantis sees this material as radical when it is an essential part of understanding American History.