Senior athletes leave their final stamp on campus

Andrew Hart, Herald Reporter

The weeks leading up to graduation can be emotional for teams as they say goodbye to seniors who have left a mark on their respective programs. This year is even harder considering some did not have the opportunity to compete. 

The 2020 senior class added another page in the history books of RWU, rich with accomplishments and recognitions on top of a situation no other senior class has had to face.

23 Hawks made the Academic All Conference team during the fall in their senior campaign. 15 seniors were also selected to All Conference teams in the fall and winter seasons. In addition, women’s cross country brought home a conference championship. 

It may sound cliche, but their impact on the university extends further than their athletic accomplishments, as teammates looking to fill their shoes next year remember their experiences with the class and what they leave behind. 

Alyssa Grant, a junior on the women’s basketball team, spoke highly of her time with the graduating seniors on the team. 

“I will remember all of the little things,” Grant said. “Getting ready for practice, eating at Commons and the excitement of game days with them while also having them as best friends off the court,” Grant said. 


“You cannot take any moments for granted.”

Grant emphasized how the seniors on her team taught her to be a leader.

“In order to be a great leader, you have to be confident in communicating with your teammates and being someone they can trust,” she said. 

Ryan Rocheleau, a junior on the men’s cross country team, had similar thoughts about his senior teammates. He said they inspired the whole team and taught its members about the importance accountability, responsibility and the value of hard work.


“The seniors on my team mean the world to me,” Rocheleau said. “They inspire the younger guys to get better every day and I’m excited to have that opportunity next year.” 

With spring sports ending before they were really able to begin, praise for seniors is even higher. 

“This is the third time I’ve said goodbye to a class of teammates in my time as a player at RWU,” said Tyler Cedeno, a junior on the baseball team.

“The heartbreak I feel for this group of seniors who simply did not get to finish is unbearable,” he said. 

Women’s lacrosse even held a senior day ceremony for their teammates when they returned from their spring break trip and found out the season was going to be canceled. 

“It was very last minute,” said Lauren Flahive, a junior on the team. 

Coach Jen Fox reached out to the underclassmen to see if they would be able to put together a senior day to honor their teammates. The team only had 12 hours notice to prepare for the ceremony, which was to take place before the team’s final practice.

“We all knew that we needed to do something for them because they put so much time, effort and heart into this program these last four years,” Flahive said.

“It turned out to be just what everyone needed as our final practice and a great way to honor the seniors,” Flahive said. “We wanted to make it as special as possible because those seniors deserved it.”