The Beach Cleanup Club


Morgan Kelly and Sarah David at a Beach Cleanup Club table time.

The Beach Cleanup Club was recently passed by the student senate and is in its trial period now. The club started in a unique way. Two students Morgan Kelly and Sydney Zobel both proposed the same idea for a club around the same time. They were both informed that they needed to work together and combine their club ideas in order for them to work. That is what they did, they met up and found a way to make it work and a few days later they presented it to the Student Senate. 

Kelly, a Sophomore, Marine Biology major, is very passionate about helping the ocean.

“I wanted to start an organization with a meaningful purpose behind it, an organization whose activities help better the campus and the earth…I want to do stuff to help the ocean, it’s always been there for us now we need to be there for it.”

Kelly has wanted to be a Marine Biologist since they were four so obviously, this is something that is very close to Kelly.

“My personal goal within this club is to raise awareness of the amount of litter students put out onto their beach on this campus and the effects that their actions have on the local ecosystem.”

Zobel a First-year student, also a Marine Biology major, is also very passionate about keeping our beaches clean and beautiful.

“I see the potential beauty our campus beaches can have, and our club is striving for that.”

Zobel loves taking walks on the beach on campus, she loves looking for sea glass and other fun beach treasures but she can’t help but notice all the trash.

“This club will not only help Roger but it will also directly helps our environment.”

The health of the beach and the environment here on campus is very important to both Zobel and Kelly which is what is going to push this club to be successful. 

These two, along with the rest of the E-Board members are so excited to get the club on its feet and really take action. 

Morgan says, “I’m most excited to receive some funding from Student Senate, that way we can get safety gear, which will actually help us pursue our cause in actually cleaning the beaches. It’s time something is done about the litter on our campus.”

Go join these passionate students in helping to keep our beautiful campus clean. The club will be meeting every Sunday at 11 a.m. in the Marine Natural Science Building room 200.