Girl Scout cookies come to RWU

It’s close to Spring time and a seasonal favorite was back in full swing at Roger Williams University. Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scout troops from Bristol and Warren, Rhode Island sold Girl Scout cookies in Upper Commons from Feb. 21 to Feb. twenty-third. The Girl Scouts are happy to be back on campus selling cookies post COVID. The proceeds from the cookie sales benefit the troops’ activities and summer camps located in South Kingstown and Newport, Rhode Island. These camps give the opportunity for the girls to learn new skills and have amazing adventures.

The Girl Scouts’ goal was to sell 200 packages per girl on campus. The girls earn personalized badges and prizes based on the number of cookies that are sold.

Thin Mints are the number one cookie. Second place are the Caramel DeLites and third place are the Peanut Butter Patties also known as Tagalongs.

There are two different bakers for the U.S. Girl Scout Cookies which is why there are different names for some of the cookies. They are currently reuniting the names of all of the cookies across the country.

Some RWU students had positive reactions to the cookies.

Sophomore Caroline Roach who was buying cookies said, “You can’t cookie out college kids.”

Junior Phillip Call said, “Girl Scout Cookies satisfy my sweet tooth!”

RWU Assistant Director, Experiential Learning Rena Piller-Thurston is a “cookie mom” that was in the Upper Commons. She is also an RWU Alumni with her degree in history and she is currently a graduate student for the Leadership Program. She was a Girl Scout herself from first to 12th grade. Piller-Thurston said she had a wonderful time as a Girl Scout. She passed the tradition on to her daughter Rachael Thurston who was selling cookies.

Thurston is in the 10th grade and attends Mount Hope High school in Bristol. She’s been in the Girl Scouts since kindergarten. From selling Girl Scout Cookies, Rachael said she has learned to interact with new people and start conversations with customers. Her favorite part about being a Girl Scout is “making new friends and going camping.” From camping she has learned the art of cooking by making food over the fire.

The Girl Scout Troop recently earned their Silver Award for creating dance videos for kids to stay active during COVID and they are currently working towards their Gold award. Each girl is required to come up with their own individual project to earn the award. Looking ahead, March 12 is National Girl Scout Day. In regards to what the Girl Scouts are taking away from the cookie sales, they said they are learning valuable life experiences.