RWU celebrates Trans Week of Rememberence

For the past decade, Nov. 20 has been Transgender Day of Remembrance, with the day and week of being moments of reflection for those who lost their lives to trans violence. Roger Williams University celebrated a full week of transgender remembrance with the Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA), who are dedicated to creating and maintaining an inclusive and safe community for LGBTQ+ students and had a big part in making the transgender week of remembrance what it was, leading the events for the week and everyone that participated was pleased with what they had done.
On Monday of the week of remembrance, students hosted an event where those that attended would write words of affirmation on a banner and other arts and crafts. On another day, there was an event hosted in the library by SAGA called “Cheers to Your Health,” sharing out resources for transgender healthcare. The events throughout the week were successful, about thirty people consistently attended.
“It’s good to recognize that it is important to have allies show up and support…listen to different ways that allies can help,” said Assistant Director of Queer and Trans Student Initiatives Jamie Wire, who was involved with the events throughout the week.
Wire said that there were a few allies that showed up to the events and hopes in the future, that number only grows. Wire also said she enjoyed working with the students over the course of the week of remembrance.
“Shoutout to SAGA for helping out with all the events and making it happen. I am always impressed by them,” said Wire.