WQRI Spotlight: That’s Rough, Buddy


Sam Elwell/The Hawks' Herald

Ben Carolan and Tris Comizio host their weekly radio show, That’s Rough, Buddy on WQRI 88.3 FM

If you were to pass by the WQRI radio booth sometime on a Monday night, you may see two students at the microphones running their weekly show. Ben Carolan and Tris Comizio take to the booth every week to host their show “That’s Rough, Buddy,” an advice and talk show on the RWU student-run radio station.

With a name inspired by one of their favorite shows, “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” Carolan and Comizio take to the station’s booth every Monday night to host what they describe as a “very disreputable advice show” where listeners can submit questions online to be discussed and answered on air, though not always in a constructive manner.

“People write in with genuine questions and looking for advice and stuff and we give them really, really bad, terrible advice,” said Comizio. “We like to answer things in the best, worst way possible.”

Starting in 2021, “That’s Rough, Buddy” has been on air for about a year and has already been a transformative experience for both hosts.

“It’s been really, really fun,” said Carolan. “It does make me feel more involved on campus…and I still get to interact with campus members via our [Tellonym] and also it’s fun to hear from people as they’re listening or after their listening.”

“I did not realize how much I like public speaking until I go onto the show,” explained Comizio. “And also, just being able to have a platform to just talk about what you want and people on campus can hear it.”

That’s Rough, Buddy airs every Monday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on WQRI 88.3 FM.

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