Club of the week: True Crime Club

Kassidy Hart, Features Editor

Of all the clubs on campus, there are not many as intriguing as True Crime Club. The club was founded in November of 2019 by a group of friends who all shared an interest in the true crime podcast “Last Podcast on the Left.”
True Crime Club’s current president, junior El Segal, was friends with the students who started the club and joined their sophomore year. “I’ve always enjoyed morbid macabre stuff, and this seems like a great place to explore that,” Segal said. “This is a fun club…a club for horror media fans…All are welcome.” Consisting of about 20 members, True Crime Club meets Mondays from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in GHH 108. In a typical meeting, a general member or E-Board member “presents a case or a theory…solved or unsolved, and we discuss it as a club,” said Segal. “We talk about what we think happened, why we think it happened, what went wrong, what went right.” Segal’s personal favorite case they have presented is the case of the plane hijacker D.B. Cooper who has never been found. Segal also said people have done presentations on serial killers like the “Zodiac Killer” and Lizzie Borden, as well the tragedy of the Donner Party, which was so in-depth it took two meetings to present in full.
Segal also said that True Crime Club is “branching out to new types of meetings,” and that they had a “coloring night” last week.
As president, Segal is in charge of overseeing the organization of the events that the club puts on as well as helping members of the club come up with event ideas. On Halloween, True Crime Club will be putting on a movie night as well as a costume contest.
Follow their Instagram @truecrimes_rwu for more details about the upcoming Halloween event and many other exciting things that they have in the making!