Why you should learn to surf

If you have ever debated learning how to surf, here is why you should. If you like going to the beach, being in the ocean, tanning and other things of the sort why not add in some surfing. It is great exercise and an extremely fun, addicting sport. The first wave you catch will change you for the better. There is no greater feeling than standing up on your board and gliding along the face of that first wave. You will want to do it again, again and again. This is a good thing though because it is an activity that takes you out into nature.
This brings me to the peaceful aspect. Being outside in nature is a great thing. It allows you to clear your mind, get physical activity and learn more about the world around us. Surfing in particular allows all of this. Sitting out in the ocean with nothing around you and nothing to worry about except for catching the next wave is a great experience. It allows me personally to forget about all of my other worries for a couple hours, in a healthy way. I am sure many other surfers can testify.
Additionally, the physical aspect is a blast as well. Being able to workout in a fun way like surfing, makes it so much easier. If you are looking for more interactive workouts this is the perfect choice for you. There is constant movement involved from paddling out, paddling into waves and surfing them. Furthermore, it is an adventurous workout. You are always looking for new and better places to catch some waves.
Surfing is also a very humbling experience. You really get to understand just how powerful the ocean is. Once you start to progress and start surfing on days with bigger waves the stakes become way more real. Wiping out on more powerful waves is very scary. It can hold you under the water for lengths of time and you need to be able to control your breathing and stay calm. There are also rip currents that can pull you out, wind that can push you down the beach, etc… The ocean is beautiful but can also be a monster and surfing really teaches you how to respect it. When things get out of control you need to know when to put your pride aside and call it a day.
However, I believe surfing is one of the best sports to participate in. You learn how to respect nature and how to act when in it. You also get a ton of physical exercise and it is great for mental health, giving you the opportunity to clear your mind in a healthy way. It also just looks really cool. If you are looking for a new activity I highly suggest you take surfing into consideration, you can thank me later.