CLERY Report

RWU releases their 2022 annual fire and safety report

Each year Roger Williams prepares an Annual Security and Fire Safety Report also known as CLERY. The 2022 report was released last week, here are some of the major statistics.
The fire safety report statistics show no record of fires over the last three years until 2021 where there was one fire in Willow Residence Hall.
The crime statistics for 2021 show a decrease in reports of previous years in the following areas; drug law arrests (In 2020 this number was two cases; 2021 shows one case), liquor law violations (In 2020 there were 310 cases recorded; 2021 cases dropped to 262) and drug law violations (In 2020 there were two cases; 2021 had one case). The areas in which the report has an increased number in 2021 is rape (Cases rose from one in 2020 to five in 2021) and fondling (In 2020 there were three cases recorded; 2021 had seven cases).
The recorded statistics for hate crime shows that there has been no offenses from 2019-2021.
The safety and security on campus this year includes a Director of Public Safety, three Shift Commanders, and 19 full time officers, nine that are EMTs. There is also a Manager of transportation and Parking who is responsible with the tasks of enforcing local, state and federal laws along with the policies of the campus.
Here are some other important safety aspects that have been in use on campus.
The Department of Public Safety (DPS) responds to reports of criminal activity or any other concerning behavior on campus. Recently they have partnered with Rave Guardian to improve the safety of the campus. Rave Guardian is a safety tool that is used as an app on your phone. The app has easy emergency communication access as well as other safety features.
Other procedures carried on from last year’s CLERY Report are “Timely Warnings”, which are alerts to the community on campus of crimes that seem as though they may pose a serious threat to safety, these alerts are in line with the rules of the Clery Act. Along with these alerts the University has also put into place an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) that sets a procedure and plan for when there are sudden emergencies on campus. The campus also has an Emergency Information Hotline as well as an RWU Alert which is a mass notification system.
The Medical Amnesty Policy is a policy that was put into place to keep students safe when it comes to drugs and alcohol. This policy puts into place that if a student calls for help for any emergency involving drugs or alcohol the Office of Student Conduct will not pursue any sort of disciplinary actions.
“This Annual Security & Fire Safety Report provides vital information to prospective and current students and employees about campus safety and security along with campus crime and fire prevention and safety awareness programs.”
Public Safety emergency phone number: (401) 253-3333
If there is an emergency, call this number.