“Do Revenge” Review


Courtesy of Netflix

“Do Revenge” premiered on Netflix on September 16, 2022, and brings the teen comedy back into the spotlight.

Jeanna Langan, Herald Contributor

During the late 90s and early 2000s there was a certain type of film genre that ruled the screen: the teen comedy. There seems to be nothing made over the past 10 to 12 years that has really been able to capture the energy that films like “Clueless,” “10 things I Hate About You” or “Mean Girls” were able to create. That is until the new Netflix movie “Do Revenge” premiered last month. 

The main plot of “Do Revenge” consists of 2 girls, Drea and Elenor (played by Camilla Mendes and Maya Hawke respectively,) that help each other get revenge on those that have wronged them. For Drea it is her ex boyfriend who sent a scandales video of her around school, and for Elenor it was the girl that outed her as a lesbian. A few other characters include Drea and Elenor’s new love interests and the 90’s queen herself Sarah Michelle Geller as the school’s principal. 

One of the things that makes this movie feel the same as the older teen movies we are all so nostalgic for is the fact that “Do Revenge” makes sure to include plenty of homages to those movies, including a scene where Elenor gets a tour of the different social cliques like in “Mean Girls.” In addition, almost every outfit takes inspiration from the style of “Clueless” by using bold colors, plaid skirts, and a unique fashion-forward style. Another major element that makes “Do Revenge” feel like a true teen movie is the soundtrack. There are a few songs that are obvious callbacks to the time period when this genre ruled the screen like “Celebrity Skin” by Hole. There are also songs that come from modern artists that are used brilliantly to emphasize the emotions the characters are feeling, with one example being “Brutal” by Olivia Rodrigo. This song is used when Drea realizes everyone is on her ex-boyfriend’s side and she is thinking about how much she hates high school. 

A huge aspect of what makes the movie work is the chemistry between the cast, most specifically from Camilla and Maya. Even though the two of them are doing some terrible things, the connection they share makes it all seem fair and justified, which in my opinion most of it is. What could have been a very dark and serious movie becomes an instant comedy in the way that the actors bring either big zany performances or the way they downplay every situation they are in.

With all of these elements combined: the crazy plot, the nostalgia factor, and the acting, this movie is an instant teen classic. It is two hours of pure chaos and camp that should not be missed by anyone.