Jordan Peck to be Student Speaker at Commencement

Jordan Peck has accomplished many things at his time attending Roger Williams University. Being Assistant Music Director for campus acapella group Hawkward, serving as both a resident and orientation advisor, having membership in the American Institute for Architecture Students and acting as Cedar Hall President all while completing his architecture major. Now, he will be the student speaker at Commencement.

“It’s super weird to be graduating,” said Peck. “It’s interesting to think back a little bit and this year one of the things I’ve been thinking about is just because I’ve graduated college, that doesn’t mean I have to shut this part of my life out. I can still have people [to keep in touch with] from the relationships and connections I’ve made.”

Peck said he hopes his speech is relevant to everyone at Commencement.

“I just hope I say the right things that relate to everybody,” said Peck. “I hope that the things I say really resonate with everyone in a positive way. I don’t know if I’m nervous, I just want to make sure I’m a speaker who brings everyone together.”

Supporting all the people he has known at RWU is what made Peck want to become the student speaker.

“I want to be there for the people who’ve been there for me this whole four years and I really want to thank them for all their love and support,” said Peck.

His honesty and genuine personality, along with his passion for the university are why Peck said he believes he was selected as student speaker.

“I really do have this piece of me that my whole person has really been strengthened because of the people I’ve met here at college, the lessons I’ve learned and the classes that I’ve taken,” said Peck. “There’s not really an aspect of college that I haven’t really learned from.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci is going to be the keynote speaker and Peck said he thought it is amazing someone who has had such a big impact on so many others is coming to Roger Williams University to speak.

Peck said his speech will make people feel a variety of emotions.

“I hope to help to make people excited and laugh a little bit, but also make people feel a little bit of sentiment towards the past four years,” said Peck. “I hope to have people look around and think ‘Wow! This has been a great place for me to be and the people I’ve surrounded myself with have really helped me to grow into someone I’m proud to be.’”

Peck also said he will miss the social aspect of college.

“There’s something really, really special about living in a place that everyone you’ve become close with over the past four years, people you would consider some of your closest friends, are all in one place,” said Peck.

He added that he will miss the supportive faculty and having a schedule to go around. One of the things he said he will look back most fondly on are meals with friends.

“I think those meals were a time when everyone stopped working and came together, ate some good food and talked,” said Peck. “I think that was really special because if you’re stressed about work you can vent about it and people are there to listen, laugh and talk.”

Peck said for him, being a hawk has to do with the sense of community members of RWU have.

“It’s kind of ironic, but in my speech I talk about the communities I’ve made and the communities that have supported me and I’m very grateful for being a part of those communities, and I don’t think hawks fly together in real life, which is funny, but I think hawks at our school are pretty good people to be with.”

Peck’s message to the graduating class is “we’ve had a crazy four years and every year has been different than the previous one. I hope the friendships people made are not local, I hope they are deeper than that. I hope I can make the Class of ‘22 proud and come together as a whole for our last hoorah. Thank you. We did it!”