RWU experiences highest COVID-19 cases of semester

As the university seemed to be returning to normalcy, with masks being made optional in the classroom for the first time since before the pandemic, RWU experienced the highest number of weekly positive cases of the semester last week.

“While we are transitioning from pandemic to endemic Covid circumstances – we must continue to be mindful that Covid infection symptoms can vary by individual and vaccination status,” said Vice President of Student Life Dr. John King in an email sent to students Thursday April 28.

No one who tested positive has been hospitalized and King cited one of the possible reasons for the spike in cases being individuals who tested positive in December or January, regardless of vaccination status, have lost most or all temporary immunity from that exposure.

Some of the positive cases are coming from that population.

Those who have been testing have been good about confirmatory testing when notified and confirming close contacts who also have been good about getting extra testing, King said.

Student Life is asking students to take active prevention measures in the next two weeks to reduce the possibility of the University changing COVID-19 operating level.

King said the RWU community should take preventative measures out of concern for community and family members at high risk health or age circumstances as well as for those involved in robust programs, activities, cultural, club and athletic events.

Two preventative measures were suggested. Masking with K994s or KN95s is highly recommended in any large (over 20 individuals) indoor setting except while eating. It is also encouraged for many of the year end celebratory events.

“Get tested every other week if vaccinated and boosted, twice a week if not,” said King. If a student has symptoms they should not go to class, the dining hall or to any events on or off campus. They should make an appointment at RWU Health Services during class days and on weekends or evenings, take a self-test and then confirm their status with a test through Health Services when the Center is open.