Roe v. Wade Editorial

I am scared. I am hurt. I am appalled. I am a woman with a uterus and right now, I am terrified and I am angry. I am so angry because my rights are being threatened as you sit here and read this and I do not know what my future holds or what the future of millions of people will look like.

The debate on whether or not to overturn Roe v. Wade is currently being discussed in the Supreme Court and we all need to be aware of the dangers doing that will present. People will lose their right to privacy and the ability to make decisions regarding their own bodies.

Roe v. Wade is about so much more than legalizing abortions. It is about the ability to possess bodily autonomy in a country that emphasizes the importance of free will and freedom for all. If you do not have to wear a mask in a store during a global pandemic that has killed millions, I should have the right to decide what I do with my own body. This is not an issue about “saving unborn fetuses” it is an issue of controlling the bodies and decisions of those with uteruses.

You do not have to support abortion, but you should support personal choice. Roe v. Wade did not magically start a trend of getting abortions, it allowed people access to safe abortions instead of going to some dark alley or using a coathanger.

We cannot go back to that. I cannot even think about going back to that. Access to safe healthcare should be a right every person should have and that begins with keeping Roe v. Wade in place.

I am scared. I am hurt. I am appalled. And you should be too. If you do not have a uterus yourself, think about the people you love who have one and think about how they will have their basic human rights stripped away. It is not too late to keep access to safe healthcare and access to privacy in place. We can still fight for our rights and the rights of our siblings, mothers, aunts, friends and everyone else. We deserve the ability to choose what we want to do with our bodies without the involvement of the government. Take some time and do research, understand both sides of the debate and help fight for our rights.