Lessons to be learned from “Legally Blonde”

Soraya Bettencourt, Herald Reporter

As graduation nears for the seniors here at Roger Williams University, many are deciding, or have already decided, what their next steps will be after college. For some, it is to continue their education for their doctorate or master’s degree while others are entering the workforce as interns or new hires. The results that will come from these graduates will be exponential. To commemorate their final days here at Roger Williams and inspire seniors as to what is next for them, I have only two words… Legally Blonde.

This iconic movie will not only encourage and inspire, but will make us laugh and look forward to what comes next. The main character, Elle Woods, played by Reese Witherspoon, is dumped by her boyfriend, played by Matthew Davis, because he does not see her as a reliable future for himself. Her life and what she thought it would look like crashes before her as the most important person in her life sees her merely as a “dumb blonde” incapable of being successful.

Having all odds against her, she drops her sorority and follows him to Harvard Law to prove him wrong and get back at him. Along the way, she ends up proving more to herself. She applies herself in new ways and does extremely well. This unassuming blonde who is portrayed lacking substance and only caring about clothes and makeup beats the odds. Even the audience doubts her, as being successful at Harvard Law is a difficult feat for anyone. No one takes her seriously but her persistence and belief in herself takes her to the end of the movie, where she shows up in the court of law to solve what no one else could.

While any movie with Reese Witherspoon is amazing, this one does better than expected and teaches you something along the way. It can be scary to go out of your comfort zone and do something that everyone believes you cannot do, but believing in yourself, as cheesy as it is, is all you need. The movie is comical, well casted, and empowering. If any seniors are having fears about their futures, this is a movie that can make everything better and ease fears. If Elle Woods can, you can too.

In all seriousness, it can help to see others in the same situation as you even if it is a made up storyline for television and entertainment purposes. Look to music and movies surrounding the ending that comes with putting this part of your life behind you. Look forward to the future with hope and excitement because, yes I’m going to say it, it’s not an end but a beginning. To the graduating class of 2022, have some fun, and take Elle Woods’ advice: “Being yourself never goes out of style.” Don’t settle for less than you know you deserve. Congratulations and may all of us be the next Elle Woods in whatever career path we choose.