“Bridgerton” Season 2: Better than the first?


Courtesy of Netflix

The second season of Netflix’s “Bridgerton” was released on March 25.

Soraya Bettencourt, Herald Reporter

Tensions continue to rise in the second season of Netflix’s smash-hit period romance “Bridgerton,” released last month on March 25. If you have not watched season one yet, I recommend putting down this article and watching it immediately.

The show is based on the popular “Bridgerton” novels by bestselling author Julia Quinn, with season one specifically following the book titled “The Duke and I” and takes place during England’s Regency Era. Daphne, the fourth of the eight Bridgerton children, is caught in a scandalous moment with a duke named Simon, forcing them into marriage to maintain their “honor.” They end up falling in love as their unmistakable lust shines through the screen, earning the couple’s story a place in the audience’s hearts.

Season two focuses more on the palpable tension and surprising intimacy of budding relationships rather than the physical aspects as in the first season. It is based on Quinn’s second “Bridgerton” novel, “The Viscount Who Loved Me,” and features Anthony, firstborn son and heir to the Bridgerton estate, along with a new character named Kate. The iconic enemies-to-lovers trope the plot brings has us all obsessing over Kate and Anthony’s relationship. From start to end, the audience is engaged and rooting for the moment these two characters finally confess their obvious love and attraction toward one another.

The male lead, Anthony, is played by actor Jonathan Bailey while his love interest, Kate Sharma, is played by Simone Ashley. These two actors were perfectly cast as their connection and excellent chemistry make the book come to life. Each of them individually is incredibly skillful and plays their roles in the series to perfection. In my opinion, whether we are speaking of the acting or the storyline, season two is much better than the first and is definitely a must-watch.

Compared to the book, the show added very different elements throughout. To keep from spoiling anything, I suggest that fans of the show also read the book to uncover the different relationship trajectories between the lovers and dive deeper into the twisted love triangle that the show creates.

Seasons three and four have already been confirmed by Netflix and are set to follow the next two “Bridgerton” books, respectively honing in on Benedict, the second oldest brother, and Colin, the third oldest. There is also a lot left unresolved between best friends Penelope Featherington and Eloise Bridgerton after the last season that fans hope will receive more attention in the next. The release date has not been set, but fans eagerly wait to hear the news so they can mark their calendars. If you are not already familiar with the series, I highly recommend that you give it a watch before season three airs.

Seasons one and two of “Bridgerton” are streaming on Netflix now.