The Great Roger Cake-Off

The annual Cake-Off event is finally back! Join the Inter-Class Council (ICC) as they throw their own version of “The Great British Baking Show” and allow students to put their cake decorating skills to the test for the chance to win exciting prizes!

This year, all the money the decorating contest raises will support the Confetti Foundation of Middletown, R.I. For only $20 for entry, contestants can help the charity in its goal to bring birthday parties to children in hospitals.

“Typically, ICC does a week of fundraising leading up to Cake-Off,” said Kyle Villella, the ICC Traditions Chair. “However, this year, we wanted to go bigger and have been doing a month of fundraising leading up to Cake-Off with the goal of raising even more money than previous years!”

Teams for Cake-Off can consist of two to six people, and each team pays the $20 fee on University Tickets in order to enter. Teams must register prior to the event on Friday, April 22, starting at 7 p.m. in the Field House.

Teams will have 45 minutes to decorate their cakes, and they are required to remain at their stations unless a contestant is getting candy for their cake. Contestants are also only allowed to use the tools ICC will supply.

Cakes are judged based on three different categories: Overall Uniqueness, Creativity and Most Fitting with the Theme.

The Overall First Place Prize is given to the cake that excels in all three of these categories, with the winners receiving a movie basket, including goodies such as a popcorn machine and a weighted blanket.

The Most Creative Cake is awarded to the most unique cake that fits well with the overall theme. The winners will receive a Roger Williams University merch basket.

The Best Theme Fitting award is given to the cake that best fits the contest’s theme. Because the ICC is helping the Confetti Foundation with its mission of bringing birthday parties to sick children in hospitals, this year’s theme is going to be birthdays. More specifically, contestants will focus on decorating birthday cakes.

Villella encourages students to participate in Cake-Off.

“This is such a fun event and is a great way for us as Roger students to give back to the community!” Villella said.