5 Ways to Support Your Fertility This Women’s Health Week

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(BPT) – A woman’s body is beautiful, unique and nothing short of complex, so taking great care of it is key to optimal health and happiness. Whether a fan of daily fitness, believer that food can heal or the queen of self-care, now more than ever, women are perfecting their wellness routines to set their bodies up for success in the many roles they fulfill. But no matter how meticulous or simple your daily routine may be, it is important for every woman to consider her fertility as part of overall wellness. Women’s Health Week serves as a reminder to make your health a priority and take care of yourself and your fertility.

As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, prioritizing every aspect of our health is critical, according to the world-class physicians at CCRM Fertility, a global pioneer in fertility science, research and treatment. In celebration of Women’s Health Week, CCRM Fertility encourages women who are considering pregnancy, now or in the future, and those currently journeying through infertility, to consider five things you can do to support your personal path to fertility:

1. Make a Concerted Effort to Stress Less

Daily stressors, including difficult interpersonal interactions, work struggles and feelings of complete uncertainty (which can be acute due to the recent pandemic), can really throw off your day and ultimately take a huge toll on your health. The good news is we have the ability to take control of how we cope with these oftentimes inevitable stressors. This is especially crucial for women who are looking to conceive as stress can cause challenges to one’s fertility. Practices such as yoga and meditation can help put your mind at ease and calm racing thoughts, even if just for a few moments. CCRM Fertility Houston’s Dr. Rashmi Kudesia also suggests on CCRM TV meal-prepping, streaming exercises online and keeping up with friends and family through social networks as means to make time for mindful activities and good practices that help fuel the body and soul.

2. Improve Your Nutrition Habits

It’s a no-brainer that proper nutrition is key to looking and feeling your best, but it is also crucial to fertility wellness. According to CCRM Fertility Boston’s Dr. Aaron Styer, supplements as well as diet can work for or against your fertility wellness. Prioritize a healthy, whole-food diet and add foundational supplements and antioxidants to fulfill any potential nutritional gaps. Dr. Styer recommends folic acid, vitamins D and C, fish oils, coenzyme and acai as some of the most important supplements and antioxidants to support your fertility health. Find more of his suggestions here.

3. Fitness: Not Just for Your Physical Health

Physical health is an important part of maintaining the best version of ourselves. Exercising regularly not only benefits you physically, but it’s also essential for maintaining one’s mental health. CCRM Fertility New York’s Dr. Jaime Knopman suggests on CCRM TV a few easy ways to keep your body moving, even while we’re all stuck at home, whether it be walking up and down the stairs or even cleaning out your closet. Though the fertility process can sometimes make you feel like you’re losing a lot of yourself (changing your diet, reducing your caffeine intake, cutting out alcohol), physical fitness is one of those things that you can keep and trust your efforts will truly benefit you and your fertility journey.

4. Remember: It’s Not One Size Fits All

While there are many things women can do on their own to boost their fertility, it’s important to remember this is not a one-size-fits-all process. If something isn’t working, chances are something else will. Fertility is influenced by so many factors — modifications to nutrition, diet, lifestyle, relationships and hobbies can all help improve fertility, but you must also follow what makes you and your body feel good. Take time to reflect on yourself and think, what small changes can I make to feel good overall? Coming to terms with what you and your body personally need is an important first step in understanding how to support your unique fertility journey.

5. Consider Your Options

Whether you’re actively trying to conceive, think you may want a baby down the line, or you’re just not sure what you want right now, time is of the essence when it comes to fertility so it’s important to start thinking about your options as early as possible. Although traditional fertility testing can take weeks or months to complete, CCRM Fertility’s One Day Work-UpSM enables patients to complete testing in a single appointment so that you can get started on your path to pregnancy quicker and maximize your chance of having a healthy baby. Essentially, CCRM Fertility is combining more than half a dozen appointments into one in order to reduce the number of appointments per patient, minimize office visits and ultimately, maintain as safe an environment as possible for patients and staff.

While we continue to keep sheltered and safe, this Women’s Health Week just may be the perfect time to begin perfecting your fertility wellness routine. CCRM Fertility encourages women to consider these tips each and every day thereafter, so that anyone who wishes to have a baby can have the very best chance to do so.