Need motivation for spring cleaning?


Emily Dvareckas/The Hawks' Herald

It is time for spring cleaning but with that comes a lack of motivation.

It’s that time of year again — spring cleaning! But with spring cleaning comes a lack of motivation. On top of school and work, who has the energy to clean? Here are some tips to help you pick up that brush and dustpan.


Set goals for yourself
Before you start cleaning, write down important goals that you want to achieve. Try not to overwhelm yourself by rearranging your whole dorm, but start with small tasks, such as doing a fresh load of laundry.


Organize time to clean
Try to avoid cleaning for huge chunks of time — you’ll drain yourself and lose any remaining motivation left to finish cleaning. Dedicate bits of time throughout the week to clean instead to avoid losing any steam.


Watch cleaning videos
Browse cleaning videos on YouTube or TikTok to gather ideas on the best way to clean your space. You may even find useful hacks to help speed up your routine!


Open windows
If it is a nice, sunny day, try opening your windows to let in the fresh air. After spending months shut inside for winter, it would be nice to freshen your space, which can potentially set you in a more positive mood.


Jam to music
Who enjoys cleaning in silence? Shuffle your Spotify playlist and listen to your favorite tunes while sweeping the floor. Time flies much faster when you are having fun!


Reward yourself
When you finally checked off all of your goals for the day, reward yourself with a treat! Giving yourself an incentive can definitely help push you through your cleaning. Or maybe your reward is finally having a nice, clean space to hang out in!