RWU Announces 2022’s Spring Concert Performers and Comedian

The Bristol Fire Department got everyone’s attention at The Meltdown on Friday, March 25 as they helped CEN announce the big reveal for the Spring Concert performers and final comedian. Those attending the event enjoyed Championship Melt and Del’s Lemonade before witnessing the announcement. For those unable to attend and by some miracle have not already heard about the artists coming to RWU, then I will shed some light on the situation. Drum roll, please…

This year’s spring concert welcomes Bryce Vine, with opening acts Olivia Knox and Social House. Bryce Ross-Johnson (stage name Bryce Vine) is most well known for his song “Drew Barrymore,” which became a hit after its release in 2018. Vine currently has 4 albums: “Lazy Fair,” “Night Circus,” “Carnival” and “Problems,” released in that order. His style of music combines influences from rap, pop and alternative rock. His songs are known for being extremely catchy and can easily trap you into singing them under your breath all day long without even realizing it.

The opening act for Bryce Vine, Social House, is most famously known for their 2018 hit “Magic in the Hamptons.” Since then, the pop duo has produced five songs and an EP titled “Everything has changed.” You may also recognize the pair from Ariana Grande’s music video for her hit song “Boyfriend.” These connections allowed them to later sign with Scooter Braun and cosign with Republic and TBHits. The new music and energy they will bring to the stage is definitely worth experiencing.

The second opening artist, Olivia Knox, has recently taken the TikTok world by storm with her talent as an 18-year old singer and songwriter. Her single “Gorgeous” is out on Spotify now. Her style of music is similar to that of Julia Michales and Olivia Rodrigo. While this singer is less well known than the others that will take the stage, she has a great voice and is a clear talent in this industry. Head to your streaming platform of choice and give “Gorgeous” a listen.

This year’s final comedian is Saturday Night Live star, Chris Redd. Redd has been a cast member on the show since 2017. He is most well known for his celebrity impressions and his 2018 Emmy award for co-writing “Come Back, Barack.” He has had many noteworthy sketches on the show since joining the cast, including “Permission,” “Baby Step” and “That’s the Game” where he acts alongside Harry Styles and Kenan Thompson. I recommend typing “Chris Redd SNL” into your Youtube search bar; you will not be disappointed.

Tickets for the concert go on sale on April 18, so make sure to get your ticket while you can.