Racy Stacy: The importance of aftercare

So, things just got hot and heavy in the bedroom (or wherever, I do not judge), now what? Well, you could high-five your partner and say “good game” and then go to sleep or you could continue the good feelings.

Once the deed is done and you both experienced the pleasures of sex, what happens after is important. The first thing that needs to happen after the act is a trip to the bathroom for the vagina-having partner. It may seem like it will ruin the mood but you know what will ruin the mood even more? A urinary tract infection. Once you are back together it is time to cuddle and talk.

Talk about how the sex felt for each of you, discuss what parts you really liked and what parts you may not have cared for. Sex is great and the emotions and feelings you get from an orgasm can make you feel out of this world. But, it can change your hormones and after feeling that post-orgasm high, you may come crashing down.

Your emotions may be out of whack which is why the comfort and reassurance from your partner are so important. A big part of aftercare is the takeaway, you want to both be able to leave the bed feeling good about the sex and yourself.

Aftercare is not just for couples in a serious relationship, it is important for any relationship from friends with benefits to marriage. Sex is intimate, and for many people, it puts them in their most vulnerable state. Making sure you and your partner are both comfortable before, during and after sex is a crucial part of having a healthy sexual relationship.

There is no right or wrong way to give aftercare, it all depends on the people involved. You need to let your partner know what you need from them and you need to listen to what they need from you. As with every part of a relationship, communication is key in this situation.