World Happenings

On Wednesday, Feb. 23, President of Russia Vladimir Putin said in a televised address Russia would conduct military operations in Ukraine.

Russian troops invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24.

In response, President of the United States of America Joe Biden announced on Feb. 24 the US would impose sanctions on Russia and said Putin and his country would bear the consequences of the war he chose.

As of Sunday, Feb. 27 Russia is trying to capture Ukraine’s Capital Kyiv, but Ukrainian troops have held off Russian forces.

The European Union announced on Sunday, Feb. 27 it would finance the purchase and delivery of weapons to Ukraine, and EU airspace is closed to Russian aircraft according to The New York Times.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky agreed to have Ukrainian officials take part in talks with Russia “without preconditions” according to The New York Times.

Prior to Zelensky announcing the talks, Putin on TV told his defense minister and top military commander to place Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert due to “aggressive” actions by the West according to The New York Times.