Zodiac Signs in a Horror Movie


Imagine a horror movie starring each of the twelve Sun signs in the zodiac stuck on an island where one of them is secretly a killer.

Whether eerie, bone-chilling movies are your favorite pastime or rainy-day activity, most people have seen a horror movie or read a scary story at least once. Many horror fans indulge in the paranormal while others prefer the more tangible evil in the world. Imagine a horror movie starring each of the twelve Sun signs in the zodiac stuck on an island where one of them is secretly a killer. This is what role I think each zodiac would play in a twisted tale of murder and lies. Keep in mind that this is meant to be humorous and essentially mock the stereotyping of zodiac signs.

Aries is mapping out strategies and attack plans. The brave, assertive nature of Aries forces them to step up as the group defender. Aries has been planning how to take out the killer in the most effective (and probably not the most realistic) manner. Aries will eventually die in a big blowout with the killer.

Taurus is trying their very best to keep everyone calm and united. Taurus values tranquility and loyalty. When people start pointing fingers, Taurus is the one who steps in and recommends everyone put their heads together to find the killer. Taurus will live because the killer honestly feels for Taurus and their good intentions.

Gemini has fallen in love with the killer. Yes, you read that right. Clever Gemini figured out who the killer was immediately. After trying to save themselves by bonding with the killer, they found themselves falling for them. Gemini does in fact survive. Hey, I am not judging you Gemini! (Maybe a little).

Cancer’s parental instincts and caring nature have turned them into the group doctor. When someone starts thinking the killer might have poisoned their meal, Cancer is there to assure them it is just a mild stomach bug. Due to the importance of a character like this, the killer does not let Cancer live for very long, unfortunately.

Leo is very upset. Leo is not only angry that they are stuck on this island with terrible lighting and no phone service, but they are also upset that the killer has yet to make a play for Leo’s life. Leo is wondering why the killer does not find them valuable enough to take out. Jokes aside, Leo is probably constantly wondering if they could do more to help. Leo would take on everyone’s struggle if they could.

Virgo’s anxious nature is already severe, so throw a serial killer into the mix and Virgo is basically falling apart. Virgo is probably nauseous constantly due to their nervous stomach. Virgo will not be left alone at any time. Unfortunately, Virgo would end up alone with the wrong person and pay the price.

Libra is trying to befriend the group detective. Libra spends their time trying to find the most logical way to escape and make sure the killer is brought to justice. Moral and balanced Libra just wants to ensure everyone makes it out alive and the killer pays the consequences. However, because of this, the killer cannot have Libra around for too long.

Scorpio is everyone’s, and I mean everyone’s, number one suspect. Quiet and reserved scorpio likes to keep to themself. Scorpio never hangs around the others and probably has their own suspicions, but would never share. However, Scorpio is not the killer. Scorpio’s evasive nature is actually what keeps Scorpio alive, the killer just cannot find them.

Sagittarius is weirdly calm. Obviously, Sagittarius is not enjoying being hunted down, but their optimistic nature forces them to see the positive of every situation. Sagittarius is honestly using this whole experience as an escape room (just with incredibly high stakes). Since Sagittarius is so determined to escape, they actually make it out alive.

Headstrong Capricorn is suspicious of the group detective and that person only. Capricorn is so passionate about saving the group, they develop tunnel vision towards one suspect. Capricorn thinks the group detective must have assumed that role to cover their tracks as the killer. Capricorn’s unwillingness to suspect others eventually gets them killed.

Aquarius has assumed the role of group detective. Aquarius is naturally intelligent and their untrustworthy attitude makes them the perfect fit as the detective. Aquarius takes their time acquiring evidence and eventually figures out who the killer is. Aquarius also figured out an escape plan with Libra before their untimely demise.

Finally, the killer is revealed. Pisces had planned a nice off-the-grid getaway for the group. Upon arrival, the seemingly minuscule arguments and disagreements between the signs got to Pisces. Pisces become self-destructive when extremely angry, which led to their breakdown and eventual killing spree. Plus, no one would suspect sweet Pisces.

So, did your Zodiac sign survive?