Case title: Forensic Science Club spotlight report


Courtesy of Forensic Science Club

Forensic Science Club members at the Nov. 4, 2021, meeting. The club began at the beginning of the fall semester and received full club status in mid-November.

Have you ever wanted to perform an autopsy on a pickle? The Forensic Science Club may be just the club for you!

The Forensic Science Club focuses on — you guessed it — forensic science, specifically its various disciplines and networking after graduation. Members do not have to major in forensic science or criminal justice in order to join. From journalism to public health, any student can join. The club is a place where anyone can learn more about the world of forensics.

The club has only recently been founded, but there is a lot in store for its members, including bringing in guest speakers and throwing events. For its first big event, the Forensic Science Club helped run the Late Night Murder Mystery event on Feb. 23, where students interacted with actors and tried to solve a murder.

During club meetings, students can present forensic cases they find interesting, as well as participate in fun activities, including performing an autopsy on a pickle. As a result, members can expand upon their skills as they learn more about crime scene reconstruction and case studies.

Forensic Science Club President Andrew Skempris wants to give club members the chance to learn more about the forensic science community.

“Before the club, I didn’t really know that many people that were also interested in [forensic science],” Skempris said. With the limited amount of forensic science courses at Roger Williams University, it was difficult for students outside of the forensic science major to learn more about the subject. On top of educating students about it, as well as providing networking opportunities, Skempris adds, “[The club] is something fun to do.”

The Forensic Science Club meets Thursdays at 5 p.m. in Room 132 of the School of Engineering. Stop by and learn more about the world of forensic science!