Zodiac signs as chocolates


Stewart via Creative Commons

What Valentine’s Day chocolate fits your zodiac sign?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us take our annual trips to supermarkets and convenience stores to find the perfect box of chocolates for our loved ones. Whether you are spending the holiday with a romantic partner or not, most of us have indulged in chocolate straight out of a heart-shaped box at least once, even if you buy them for yourself as I do. Everyone has their go-to chocolates. Some prefer truffles while others obsess over caramel filling, but have you ever wondered which one of these chocolates you are based on your zodiac sign? Well here is what chocolate I associate your zodiac sign with whether you like that flavor or not.

Since Valentine’s Day falls in Aquarius season, let us begin with quirky and clever Aquarius. Aquarians are known for their unique tastes and take pride in their unpopular opinions, which is why Aquarians are maple walnut chocolates.

Up next is artistic and intuitive Pisces. Pisceans are delicate and gentle much like salted milk chocolate with a caramel center.

Aries are honest, assertive and fun-loving people. Aries is dark chocolate with a candied cherry in the center.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, thriving in all things romantic, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Taurus is known for indulgence, determination and dependability. Taurus is a rich chocolate fudge.

Impulsive and extroverted Gemini is the only sign that does not fit box chocolate, which is fitting for Gemini. Geminis are chocolate-covered strawberries.

Next is nurturing, compassionate and sometimes spiteful Cancer. Cancerians can present themselves as cold at first but are often hiding a soft center, which is why Cancer is milk chocolate with a marshmallow center.

Dramatic and loyal Leos are probably amongst those buying themselves a Valentine’s Day treat. Leo is a dark chocolate truffle with a hazelnut in the middle.

Virgo is kind, anxious and at times controlling. Virgos are a dark chocolate coconut cream.

Libra, also ruled by Venus thrives in the romantic environment set by Valentine’s Day. Librans are empathetic, moral and charming. Libra is milk chocolate filled with chocolate buttercream.

Mysterious, passionate and loyal Scorpios are dark chocolate with a raspberry cream center (a personal favorite).
Next, we have intelligent, curious and independent Sagittarius. Sagittarians are dark chocolate filled with dark chocolate buttercream.

Finally, we have logical, ambitious and organized Capricorn. Capricorn is an espresso shot truffle.