A Valentine’s Day special

Ben DeFelice — men’s golf
“I love golf because it’s taught me so many life lessons and has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people in my life. I also love it because the golf course is somewhere where I can go everyday and forget about all outside distractions and be in my own little world for 4 to 5 hours!”

Katie Galligan — women’s basketball
“I love basketball because it has always made me so happy. It’s like an outlet where if I’m having a bad day I can go to basketball and forget about it.”

Brooke Dutton — women’s track and field
“I’d say I love my sport because track teams are always big families. Being coed and working out together makes every practice a big social event too, it’s so much fun. I love that internal competition because it forces you to be confident and have trust in your abilities so that you can perform for the team as well. I also love being a female thrower, it’s very empowering and has helped me realize that being strong is beautiful!”

Mac Annus — men’s basketball
“I love basketball because I’ve made many friends and good memories throughout the years while playing. It has also taught me valuable lessons that I use every day to help me both on and off the court.”

Sammy Jost — women’s soccer
“I love soccer because of the opportunities it provides me with. It gives me confidence in myself and allows me to always be surrounded by the most supportive teammates, coaches, trainers and fans!”

Emma MacLean — softball
“I’ve played softball since I was 6 and every day I get to play it makes me so happy cause it’s my happy place where I get to take a break and just have fun.”

Liam Engel — men’s cross country and track and field
“The big reason is probably the team aspect of it. Competing is fun and all but hanging out with the team during practices and other events is always my favorite part of being on the team.”

Ryleigh Cavanaugh- women’s lax
“What I love most about my sport is the relationships I’ve gotten from it and that I get to play with some of my favorite people every day!”

Joe DePoalo-Rugby
“I love rugby because it has taught me a lot about life, responsibility, and leadership. It helped me discover who I am and introduced me to so many incredible people. From teaching me sportsmanship on and off the field to making me a better man overall, the sport has done a lot for me over the years. Every day, I couldn’t ask for a better community or spirit to be surrounded by.”

Mel MacDonald-Polo
“I love Polo because it’s unique in the sense that the players not only interact and bond with each other, but also with the horses. Furthermore, the members of the RWU polo team care and support each other day in and day out.”

Brooklyn Cenatiempo-Field Hockey
“The best part of RWU field hockey is the team atmosphere. Everyone on the team is so welcoming and it makes all of the time we spend together really enjoyable!”

Carisa Brogdon-Equestrian
“I have been around horses as long as I can remember because my mum rode growing up. Riding horses has been a passion of mine for over a decade and I’m happy to have found a school that has both what I want academically and allows me to continue to do what I love.”