National days to celebrate on December 2


Emily Dvareckas/The Hawks' Herald

Anna was adopted in 2019 from a humane society. She is a mutt and will be celebrated on Dec. 2.

National Mutt Day
Dec. 2 is a day to celebrate dogs, more specifically mutt dogs. Mutts, or mixed-breeds, are dogs that do not belong to one pure breed and instead are a mixture of multiple breeds. This day is to celebrate the dogs that are a little different but make a family complete. The day can be celebrated by volunteering at a local animal shelter or adopting a mutt dog. Mutts are great companions as they have characteristics from a variety of breeds and each pup is unique. This national day was created in 2005 and has been celebrated on Dec. 2 every year since. It is also celebrated on July 31 of each year.

National Fritter Day
Dec. 2 is also National Fritter Day. Fritters can be considered any ingredient that has been breaded or battered and then fried. Most cultures have a variation of a fritter and they can either be sweet or savory. Tempura, pakora and beignets are all different types of fritters from Japan, India and France, respectively. Fritters are thought to have been around since ancient Roman times, but the first time they were recorded was in 1665. The yearly celebration of fritters did not start until 2012 when a district council in New Zealand began their yearly festival to celebrate fried treats. Celebrate the day by eating fritters, whether they are handmade or from a restaurant. It is a great way to try new cuisines or food from a different country.

Business of Popping Corn Day
Business of Popping Corn Day is celebrated on Dec. 2 to commemorate the invention of the commercial oil popcorn popper, which was invented in 1885. Charles Cretors invented the oil popcorn popper because he did not like any of the peanut roasters that were available on the market. He thought he could make a better one, so he sold all of his possessions and moved to Chicago to start working on his own peanut roaster. The popcorn popper used a steam engine, with the steam being created by a small fire and engine under a broiler.

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