Who’s your astrological soulmate?

Those that believe in astrology usually utilize their horoscopes to bring insight into a job, mentality and more often than not, a relationship. However, horoscopes and birth charts can be difficult for beginners to understand. So, if you are looking for love, here are my favorite zodiac pairings.
First, you must know your Sun sign. Your Sun sign is decided by the day and month of your birth. If you do not know this already, no worries, a quick Google search will do the trick. Let us begin with Pisces. I find that Pisces and Virgo make a wonderful match. Pisces bring Virgos imagination and creativity while Virgos ground Pisces, making them more practical. This pair balances each other very well. Aquarius gravitates towards Aries based on their shared optimism and independence. Aries’ impulsiveness allows for Aquarius to enjoy themselves and have fun, while Aquarius’ intelligence keeps the pair logical. With the shared optimism of Aries and Aquarius, there is nothing this pair cannot accomplish. Ambitious and disciplined Capricorn meshes well with loyal and protective Cancer. Capricorns may appear to be strong and cold, but they are very sensitive. The intuitive, caring nature of Cancer allows for Capricorn to be taken care of and allows Cancer the joy of healing someone. The persistence of Capricorn will eventually wear down Cancer’s protective barriers, allowing for a wonderful connection. Sagittarius adores Libra’s kindness and Libra admires Sagittarius’ lack of judgment. Libra’s indecision meshes well with Sagittarius’ passion and control. On the other hand, Libra’s innate balance can center Sagittarius’ impulses. Scorpio values trust and Taurus values deep emotional intelligence, making these signs an excellent match. Scorpio and Taurus connect emotionally like no other signs. Scorpio’s deep thoughts attract Taurus and Scorpio cannot resist the loving energy of Taurus. Gemini brings out the inner child in Leo, while Leo teaches Gemini emotional maturity. This pair values intelligence and communication. While Gemini admires Leo’s desire to positively influence the world, Leo admires Gemini’s innate positive energy.