Is it ok to laugh?

Nothing compares to the absolute fear one experiences when confronted with a dark joke; I mean, are you allowed to laugh? Generation Z, those born between 1995 and 2012, has mastered the art of “dark humor.” Whether it be self-depreciation, mental illness or jokes about a relative that has passed away, Generation Z has found a way to turn any gloomy topic humorous. With one look at any of the top trending jokes on social media platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok or Youtube, it is not difficult to find examples of Generation Z dark humor. Why is Generation Z trading out knock-knock jokes for dreary punchlines, though?
Generation Z grew up drowning in media and technology, the first generation to truly experience the impact of technology. One of my earliest memories was holding a Blackberry cell phone. Adolescence is never easy, but with the influx of pop culture coverage in the media, Generation Z was consistently surrounded by reminders of their inadequacy. Children of any generation can recall a moment where they experienced teasing by other children, but Generation Z was raised to bully themselves. Thus, self-deprecating jokes were born.
Besides the constant strain of societal pressure experienced by the members of Generation Z, the media has made a considerable contribution to the desensitization of Generation Z. The technological advances of the 21st century led to Generation Z witnessing every atrocity in their state, nation and around the globe. Few generations prior to the technological age experienced news on this grand of a scale. When an entire generation grows up discovering a new horrible occurrence every day, the news stops surprising you. This paved the way for the infamous sore-subject jokes of Generation Z.
As a member of Generation Z and an avid participant in dark humor, I believe it is okay to laugh. I find that the dark humor of Generation Z unites us. Not only does Generation Z, subjectively, have the best humor, but we also manage to be the most caring and empathetic. As desensitized as we might be, we care about others’ feelings. Most of the dark humor is used so that our generation can heal from past traumas, on our own time and in our manner of choice. Most importantly, as risky as dark humor can be, nothing is better than hearing a joke you relate to and feeling just a little less alone.