Thankful for the Fashion


Courtesy of Max Titov on Unsplash

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to wear a comfortable yet stylish outfit.

Gabriella Boretti, Herald Reporter

Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and all kinds of other food are what make Thanksgiving. Others might argue and say that Thanksgiving is not about the food but really the family and thankfulness. This all might be true, but what about the fall outfits?

Thanksgiving takes place in November, right when the air gets crisp and the foliage appears. When picking out an outfit, it is crucial to make sure you are first and foremost comfortable and secondly, that you are looking cute at the same time.

Here are some Thanksgiving outfit ideas to get you started!

An oversized flannel and jeans
Everybody loves this look because of the way it makes comfy look cute. Being able to pair a loose-fitting flannel with jeans gives off that “put together” vibe, while also being super comfy and allowing your stomach to breathe after all that turkey.

Bodysuit and layers
The combination of a tight bodysuit and a long overcoat gives off that effortless holiday appearance while still looking super chic.

High-rise flare jeans
Depending on the vibe, it is easy to take a pair of flannel jeans and then tuck in either a tank or dressy blouse.

No individual can go wrong with this outfit. Throw on that jumpsuit with a pair of heels or even flats and walk in looking super classy but more importantly, super comfy.

“I try to look cute for dinner and then by the end of the night, after eating, I’ll change into comfy clothes and hang out with family,” said Junior Alexis Riccardi.

At the end of the day, Thanksgiving is about family and what we are grateful for. However, the outfits make a huge impact. Whether your plans include sitting in the living room in sweats or showing up to a family member’s house in a dress, we should all be thankful for the air we breathe and that we get to live another day.