‘A…My Name Will Always Be Alice’


Courtesy of rwu.edu

“A, My Name is Alice” will be playing November 18, 19, 20 at 7:30 p.m.

Nicole Kowalewski, Herald Reporter

Come one, come all, to this celebration and sharply witty criticism of what it means to be a woman! RWU Theatre’s “A…My Name Will Always Be Alice” delivers clever humor, heartbreaking laments and fierce joy through a diverse collection of songs, scenes and monologues.

Written by a multitude of composers of different gender identities, “Alice” is a musical revue tracing back to the 1980s. The show features a small, all-female cast who transport audiences through a distinct range of material in order to represent the struggles of women in recent decades and the present day. Each cast member takes on several different roles, cycling through personas and narratives throughout the 90-minute performance.

The set is simple, consisting of a small platform upstage and several “flats” — narrow temporary walls — bordering the stage. The flats bear modest paintings of feminine silhouettes with multicolored hair, clothing and skin tones. Each face is pointed towards centerstage as if to witness the characters’ testimonies.

The show’s cast members moved the few small set pieces after each scene, and the simplicity of the setup served to highlight the performers above all else. The only musical accompaniment is provided by a (very talented) live pianist, providing an intimate feel to the performance. The only flashy element “Alice” needs is the skill of its performers.

All iterations of “Alice” cover a wide range of material, but this particular rendition takes the best of the preceding “A…My Name is Alice” and “A…My Name is Still Alice” to fill out the musical’s roster of scenes. Whether you are a fan of musicals or not, you can be sure to find something in this show to your liking.

“Alice” is equal parts funny and emotive, encapsulating a diverse array of musical styles from blues to Broadway. With soaring vocals, gut-busting laughs and harmonies gorgeous enough to melt your face off (in the best way), RWU Theatre’s “A…My Name Will Always Be Alice” is sure to impress.

You can catch “A…My Name Will Always Be Alice” in the Performing Arts Center Nov. 18, 19 and 20 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 for students and can be purchased at booktix.com or at the door.