How to survive a horror movie


monstersforsale/Creative Commons

Laurie Strode of the ‘Halloween’ series is an iconic horror movie survivor.

So you want to know how to survive a horror movie? There are numerous pieces of advice I could give if you want to be the next iconic final girl. Most of it is common sense, but you would be surprised by the decisions made by many characters in horror movies. However, I listed the most important tips below to avoid becoming a part of WatchMojo’s “Top 10 Ridiculous Horror Movie Deaths.”


1. Do not investigate creepy noises
If you hear something go bump in the night, especially if it is down in that creepy basement, fight the urge to go check it out. 99% of the time, there is an evil demon or some masked murderer waiting to get you. If you do decide to investigate, at least turn the lights on. There are no excuses to wander into the dark, especially if you think there’s something lurking in there.

2. Never split up
This is how characters in horror movies get picked off one by one. There is strength in numbers, so stick by your friends if there is something coming after you. Refrain from saying you will “be right back,” because you simply will not be.

3. Keep your phone charged
The amount of times characters have tried to call for help, only for their phones to be dead, is frustrating. Charge that bad boy up if you want to send in reinforcements, or you might have to fend for yourself.

4. Don’t test urban legends
Walk away from that mirror. Despite how tempting it is to see if Bloody Mary or Candyman will actually visit your bathroom, please refrain. You will practically be signing your own death certificate. Remember, curiosity killed the cat!

5. Research the house you’re planning to move to
That old house you are checking out on Zillow? Make sure you know what happened to its previous owners. Most horror movies could have been avoided if families didn’t move into that “beautiful, vintage home.” Looks can be deceiving, so make sure nothing horrible occurs within those walls.