Deadly Thrilling: Premiere of New Series ‘One of Us is Lying’


Courtesy of Peacock

Peacock’s new original teen murder mystery series, “One of Us is Lying,” is based on the 2017 novel of the same name.

Sept. 24, 2021. Five students walk into detention. Only four make it out alive. The victim is Simon Kelleher, creator of the infamously vicious gossip blog AboutTHAT. Universally hated. Unnervingly accurate. And now, undeniably dead. It is clear that Simon’s death was no accident — and each suspect has a secret worth killing for.

Addy, the princess. Bronwyn, the brain. Cooper, the athlete. Nate, the troublemaker. No witnesses. No alibis. Undeniable motives. The only conclusion? One of them is lying.

This chilling new series premiered earlier this month on NBC Universal’s streaming platform Peacock, just in time for the spooky season. “One of Us is Lying” is based on The New York Times bestselling novel of the same name, written by popular YA author Karen M. McManus. Readers and first-time viewers alike will find themselves engrossed in this suspenseful thriller, from twist to shocking twist. The series is skillfully adapted from its source material and adds several nuances to the story’s new incarnation. The initial three episodes — available for free to Peacock viewers — set the tone well, promising more surprises to come.

What sets “One of Us is Lying” apart from most thrillers is its attention to character development and portrayal, an impressive feat considering its ensemble cast. As the plot summary suggests, each main figure fits neatly into a prescribed stereotype, but the series wastes no time in breaking these rules. Our four main characters possess flaws and nuances — and, of course, secrets — that their own classmates miss, both aiding and hindering their attempts to prove themselves innocent. The students are forced to band together to protect themselves, forming an unlikely bond that would not otherwise exist — a side effect revealed to be particularly ironic given the details behind Simon’s murder. If these students are to be believed, why would someone frame them? Who really killed Simon — and are the prime suspects next?

Murder mysteries are especially appealing at this time of year, and “One of Us is Lying” might just be the perfect binge-watch to satisfy your thirst for thrills. If you loved the novel, do not miss this series. For more literary thrillers, look to Karen M. McManus’s newer novels, including “One of Us is Next”— sequel to “One of Us is Lying”— and the upcoming “You’ll Be the Death of Me.”