Six ways to get into the Halloween spirit


Emily Dvareckas/The Hawks' Herald

Get into the Halloween spirit by painting or carving pumpkins.

1. Watch a scary movie
This may seem like an obvious way to get into the Halloween spirit, but nothing quite
beats a scary movie on a cool October night. Grab some popcorn, a comfy blanket and start streaming a good scary movie. Turn on the TV and pick a spine-chilling film from Netflix, Hulu or Shudder for horror movie aficionados.

2. Carve or paint a pumpkin
Pick up a pumpkin at the local farm stands or grocery stores and carve away. Either pick up a carving kit that comes with various templates or try freehanding a design and get to work. For people who are not fans of the guts and seeds that come with carving a pumpkin, get some paint and paint the outside of the pumpkin. Whichever option you choose, the pumpkins are sure to look wonderful.

3. Make Boo Boxes
Get into the Halloween spirit by getting others into the spirit. Head to the Dollar Tree or the grocery store and pick out some Halloween candy and other goodies. Fill a box or bag with the goodies and give them to friends. Make it extra fun by leaving it at their door as an anonymous surprise.

4. Decorate!
Even on a college student budget, decorating for Halloween is possible. Dollar Tree has affordable decorations that are sure to spookify any dorm room. If going to the store is not possible, make some DIY decorations. Tissues and a black marker are all that are needed to make some scary ghosts. Add some yarn or twine and make a ghost garland that is sure to get people in the Halloween spirit.

5. Have a Ghouls’ Night
Have some friends over for a fun night. The name is a play on words for “girls’ night,” but everyone is included in a haunting ghouls’ night! Wear costumes and play games or watch a spooky movie. Whatever the plan is, the night is sure to be fun. For the ghouls over 21, spice up the night with Halloween-themed cocktails, such as a Witch’s Brew, Vampire’s Bite Cocktail or a Zombie Cocktail.

6. Visit a Haunted House
The best way to get into the Halloween spirit is to get spooked. Visiting a professional haunted house is a sure way to get a good scare. If being up close and personal with actors in clown and monster masks is a little too extreme, try a haunted hayride for similar spooks. Going to a haunted house or haunted hayride with friends is a great way to make lasting memories that are sure to be full of laughs.