Look Good, Feel Good

How your fashion choices can impact your confidence


Courtesy of Junko Nakase on Unsplash

Clothing can have the power to make people feel socially superior and when someone looks their best, they do their best.

Have you ever worn sweatpants and a baggy sweatshirt to class? Most college students’ usual answer is “Duh, Yes!” Throughout the day, have you felt lazy, unmotivated and just wanted to go home and sleep the day away?

When people dress up, they feel more confident and are likely to perform everyday activities better than those who choose to wear a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt that day. Feeling yourself in an outfit can lead most people to being more successful in a day over those who are not feeling themselves. Pro tip: leggings and a tight athletic jacket or jeans and a sweatshirt can still be considered dressing up if it allows you to look good and feel good.

A 2014 study conducted by the American Psychological Association showed that subjects (unaware of the study) who wore sweats compared to subjects who wore suits performed more poorly while engaging in a game against each other.

The subjects in the suits seemed to feel more confident than the subjects in sweatpants and that could likely be a large reason for their stronger performance. Clothing can have the power to make people feel socially superior whether that be in a game, meeting or just eating lunch with one other. It is beneficial to feel socially superior, just as long as you are respectful about it and do not flaunt it in a rude way.

If all college students took a shower before class and threw on boyfriend jeans and a stunning blouse paired with those Louis Vuitton red bottom heels or a collared shirt with loafers, yes, they may feel better about themselves compared to the hungover student who rolled out of bed and went to class with the t-shirt and sweatpants they slept in that night.

It is so important to look your best and feel your best to improve confidence; it has the ability to pull people out of their shells and allow them to have a better day, ultimately leading to a better life.

For junior Hailey Winn, her day relies on this concept.

“The way you feel has a huge impact on how you perform in school. When you feel good in an outfit that day, you are way more likely to put your best foot forward all day. Personally, if I show up to class in an outfit I end up hating or am not comfortable in, I am not as attentive in class compared to when I am feeling good in what I have on,” said Winn.

Certainly there are students who simply do not care much about fashion and can wear pajamas to class and still get a 100 on an exam and meet new people for lunch. For others, fashion makes all the difference in academic and social settings.

Giovanni Cacciatore, a junior, spoke to this notion, saying, “Yes, of course, it has an effect on how you feel and perform throughout the day. I got best dressed in high school, not to brag, but it definitely helped me through my younger days and it still helps me to this day.”

Most people can agree that looking good simply makes you feel good. Feeling good in your clothing can allow you to perform better in all aspects of life, including school, social situations, work and whatever else it may be that might require you to be your best self.

So, next time you are getting ready for class, start with something easy! Jeans and a boxy t-shirt could do the trick. Then, throw on a cute jumpsuit with slides the next day.

If your vibe is more of a white t-shirt with jeans combo and crips Air Forces, it could be fun to experiment with khakis with no socks, a polo shirt and a Sperry shoe.

Record how you feel each day and watch how your confidence is improved when you are looking and feeling good.