Hawk in the spotlight: art club’s Abby Grove


Courtesy of Abby Grove

Abby Grove is a member of RWU’s art club.

Kayla Ivan, Arts & Culture Manager

Why did you join the art club?
I joined the art club to give myself a designated time to focus on my art and relax. I never schedule myself a time to create, but when I start I realize how much I needed it. Painting is such a stress relief for me because I don’t have to worry about being right or wrong.

What is your major, class year and are you involved in the arts anywhere else on campus?
My major is marine biology with a double minor in aquaculture sciences and visual arts; I am currently a sophomore. I usually attend the events on campus that have a craft or something to create. With my visual arts minor, I take an art class here or there, but art is more of a hobby for me right now.

What inspires you in your artwork?
Most of the time when I sit down to create something I do not know how it is going to come out, so I cannot say it is inspired by one thing or another. I would say my artwork is inspired by the urge to create.

What is your favorite medium/type of art to create?
My favorite medium to work with is acrylic paint because it is so forgiving and versatile. I can create so many textures, values and colors with just one medium.

What makes art interesting to you?
I love to create art because it gives me a sense of relief and freedom that I do not get in too many other places. It allows me to relax and focus on one thing rather than the 10 other tasks I may have to do at some point.

What sort of art are you currently/have previously worked on?
In the past, I have worked on many different things from crocheting to drawing to collaging. Growing up, my parents made a point to give me a space to create what I wanted. Because of that freedom, I experimented with as many different types of art as I could. Now it is a little harder for me to just have the resources I need for a project in my dorm room. I designated a drawer in my dorm just for art supplies so I have some things to choose from when I am feeling artsy. My current obsession is with vintage journaling/collaging. Something like that is a lot easier to create in a dorm because you can use found objects, papers and stickers to create whatever you are feeling that day.

How has your art changed throughout the years?
When I was younger, I used mostly pencils, colored pencils and paints. As I grew older I experimented with more crafting rather than traditional arts. Now I tend to mix the two and add some traditional art to my more crafty projects.

Is there anywhere we can see your art?
I post some of my art on my art Instagram page. You can find it here:@sketches_ag13