Advice for your Zodiac Sign

Not many people can offer me a decent response when I ask for their Sun sign, which bewilders me as an avid participant in astrology. I am nearly certain I learned that I was Libra around the same time I learned how to spell my name. Nevertheless, I am aware that astrology is still not a widely accepted nor widely practiced study. Despite astrology receiving a bad reputation for inaccuracy and a lack of logical, tangible evidence, I value the entertainment of astrology as a hobby. What I have learned is that, while many people do not understand me when I use the term “Sun sign,” they can usually identify what their sign is based on their birthday and a quick Google search. Astrology runs much deeper than one’s Sun/Star sign, but this is the most widely known astrological placement. In addition to being the most acknowledged placement, the Sun sign also depicts one’s personality, their identity.
While I am not the most educated, well-versed astrologist, I have made plenty of observations on the 12 Sun signs. I believe I can deliver relatively useful advice catered to your specific Sun Sign. Since the astrological calendar begins with Aries, I will also start with the Sun sign Aries. Aries, I know you are so passionate about so many things, but take the time to determine what deserves your attention the most. You will drive yourself crazy if you spread yourself too thin. Taurus, you have to let it go. Whether “it” is your past, a grudge or a person, if it is out of your immediate control, let it go! Gemini, surround yourself with people who enjoy you for who you truly are, not the person you think people will like. It is okay not to be liked by everyone. Cancer, it is okay to be selfish sometimes. I do not mean this in the classic “put yourself first” sort of way, I mean you need to think about what you truly need and plan how you can achieve that. Leo, not every bad experience is your fault. I know you feel like you always could have done more or done better, but that is not always the case. Give yourself a break! Virgo, please take a breather. Meditate or take a nap. Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in what you are doing that you forget those that care about you. My fellow Libras, speak your mind. It is common that people will take advantage of your kindness, do not be afraid to stick up for yourself! Scorpio, try keeping a journal of your thoughts and emotions. I know you can struggle with feeling emotionally overwhelmed yet struggle opening up, so this may be a good outlet for you. Sagittarius, nobody is watching you. Sometimes it can feel like everything you do is under strict criticism, but I promise everyone is too involved in their own lives to judge yours. Capricorn, come out of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid to switch up your usual schedule and be impulsive every once in a while. Aquarius, open your line of communication. If you have any stifled emotions, reach out to friends and family and discuss them. Get it off your chest! Pisces, try to set aside some time to be alone. Constantly surrounding yourself with others can wear you down. Take a day or two to yourself.