Travel the world with RWU

RWU offers numerous opportunities for students to study abroad


Courtesy of Roger Williams University

RWU offers studio-based study abroad programs in different cities, such as Florence, Italy.

The world has become increasingly interdependent. To better understand the relations shared as a global community, students can take up the opportunity of joining the Study Abroad program at Roger Williams University.

The program gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in new cultures while still actively pursuing their degrees. Participating in one of these life-changing experiences and living in a new country is considered a crucial part of a well-rounded college experience.

On Wednesday, Sept. 29, the Study Abroad program held an open house outside of the Center for Global and Community Engagement, otherwise known as the Farmhouse. Tables were lined up with catalogs and brochures filled with study abroad options.

“We just wanted to reintroduce ourselves as a program after COVID, and it turned out to be the most well-populated event that we had,” said Kevin Hayden, the Director of Study Abroad Programs. “We registered over 300 students who visited.”

Having worked at RWU since 2006, Hayden works with students to create their travel plans and help them through the application process.

“The best part of the job is getting to help these students create their plans and seeing them come back with all these wonderful experiences and how they apply them to life after,” Hayden said.

It is not uncommon to worry about missing out on events on campus or being away from home for too long. For those on the fence about studying abroad, Hayden stated, “Everybody who goes abroad always says, ‘I don’t know what I was thinking about missing out because I’m having coffee under the Eiffel Tower and all my friends are back in their dorms.’”

When studying abroad there is still the opportunity to get the college experience of living in a dorm and taking classes, it just happens to be on the other side of the world with more unique experiences.

In terms of financial worries, financial aid carries over. There are also plenty of scholarships available to help students be able to access these experiences.

RWU partners with various countries, allowing the university to have schools in places such as Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The university also currently offers semester abroad programs in countries including Italy, England, the Dominican Republic and Chile. There are also week-long programs, as well as summer programs, available.

“Short term programs are better for students who have commitments like work or sports, or are just not sure about doing a full semester,” Hayden said.

RWU has numerous study abroad programs, regardless of students’ majors. However, there are specific ones that may be better suited for a specific major. For instance, there are studio-based programs in Florence and Barcelona; theatre and dance programs in London; and field-based and hands-on work for Marine Biology in Bermuda.

For more information regarding the Study Abroad program, visit the Spiegel Center for Global and International Programs on campus, or check out the RWU Study Abroad website: