5 dorm decor crafts you won’t want to miss


Courtesy of Pixabay

Painting pumpkins with friends can be a fun fall activity.

Emma Bartlett, Arts & Culture Editor

If you are the Martha Stewart of your friend group, then you must be itching to get your hands on some crafts.

Luckily, with this fun dorm decor guide, your dorm and common room are destined to be livened up this autumn season. And yes, we are giving you an excuse to take yet another trip to Michael’s this week (you can thank us later).

1. Mason jar extravaganza
The mason jar’s popularity has risen exponentially in recent years — especially in regard to drinkware and ornamental use.

They are also good for painting, so why not unleash your inner artist and paint a candy corn jar with white, yellow and orange horizontal stripes. Once the jar dries, put a battery operated candle inside and place your mason jar in your living space and turn off the lights. The colors will give the room a warm glow and create a relaxing and calming space.

Once this subtle, autumnal glow takes over your room, all your friends will want one too. Mason jars can be found at Target or Ace Hardware; if you are looking to save money, consider buying a 12-pack of jars and splitting the cost with friends. Paints can be found at Michaels or any local craft stores.

2. Garland galore
People normally associate garlands with Christmas, but we are breaking free of that assumption and making fall garlands a fave this year.

All you need is a thick string/twine, a hole puncher, construction paper and/or fake fall leaves. Next, create a pattern with your materials and start stringing them together. This is a great roommate activity — especially if you want to create something that fits both of your dorm room aesthetics.

You can also try making a ghost tassel garland where you attach tassels to your string and give your ghosts eyes and a mouth using a permanent marker; you can make it even more fun by gathering different colored tassels. Colored tassels can be found on Etsy and construction paper, fake fall leaves and string are available at Michaels.

3. Pumpkin painting
Lately, when driving along Metacom Avenue, you may have noticed the roadside stands selling pumpkins. For this crafty project, hop in the car with your friends and pick up some pumpkins (Stop and Shop and Johnson’s Roadside Farm Market are great choices). Acrylic paints will work best, so select vibrant colors on your way back to campus.

When decorating your pumpkin, give it its own personality! Pick an amusing facial expression and, if you are feeling extra creative, buy a Halloween hat that you can hot glue to your pumpkin.

For instance, maybe give your new friend a witch hat or some cat ears and a black pipe cleaner as a tail. Cheap decorations like this can be picked up at the Dollar Tree or Dollar General. These creative works will surely brighten up your living space and give it some unique fall charm.

4. Flower power
If you have an eye for design, consider creating several fake flower bouquets for the dorm. Let nature’s reds, yellows and oranges inspire you as you assemble your flower masterpiece. Michaels sells inexpensive flowers that look real and will give your dorm a pop of color.

Start by filling a vase with any greenery followed by the larger flowers and finally smaller flowers. After you stand back and assess what you made, place your decoration in a spot where your eye will be easily drawn to it — possibly a kitchen table, desk or bureau.

If you are feeling extra ambitious, consider buying a vase you can paint. You can also consider adding a tasteful three inch thick ribbon (plain or sparkly) that complements your flower combination.

5. Ghostly milk jugs
Start collecting your empty milk jugs if you are living in an apartment, because you are about to turn your jug into a ghost!

After rinsing out your jug bottle, draw a face on the jug with a sharpie. On the opposite side, cut a three-sided flap that allows you to insert battery operated lights. After placing the lights in the jug, turn them on and watch your ghost glow!

If you are looking to show off your creation, place the jug on the windowsill and have it stare outside at passersby.

Try creating one or all of these fall decor crafts and bring in the season the right way.