Cats, coffee and cuddles

A cup of coffee pairs well with eggs, fruit or chocolate, but what about cats? Opening Aug. 1, patrons of Bajah’s Cat Cafe are able to drink their coffee as they hang out with cats. Located at 137 Main Rd. in Tiverton, Bajah’s Cat Cafe offers a commodity that is most often seen on the West Coast.

The cafe offers a wide variety of drinks and pastries, which can be enjoyed in their sit-down portion of the store. This part of the cafe is open to the public, unlike the cat lounge “Bajah’s Villas.” The cat lounge requires reservations and costs five dollars to enjoy. Each reservation is for 30 minutes with up to five people in the room.

Patrons can bring their drinks in the room, but the cafe asks that food is not eaten in the room. The cafe also asks that shoes are either taken off or cleaned before entry. The cat lounge has seating available and plenty of cat toys for the cats to play with.

Every cat that goes to Bajah’s is up for adoption, and on the 20th of each month, the cafe switches the shelter the cats come from. Bajah’s Cat Cafe has been able to offer the shelter cats the ability to interact with potential adopters that they may not have met while living in the shelter. So far, many of the cats that have lived at Bajah’s have been adopted.

The number of cats at Bajah’s is always changing as shelters bring in available cats, and as cats get adopted during their stay.

The villa is bright and welcoming with the giant storefront window and beautifully painted walls. The atmosphere is calming, and visiting the cats is a great stress reliever.

On top of the great atmosphere, the food and drink options are fun and tasty. The cafe has donut options, such as pumpkin cheesecake, triple chocolate and vanilla rainbow sprinkles, which come from local store, The Donut Shack. The shop offers vegan and gluten-free donuts, as well as soy, nut, dairy, egg and artificial dye-free donuts. Other pastries from the cafe include muffins, sweet bread, Portuguese malasada and bagels.

There are also many special fall drinks available, such as Pumpkin Paws; the hazelnut and mocha cold brew Black Cat; the pumpkin cinnamon roll and mocha flavored Cinnamon Calico; the pumpkin caramel scone and glazed donut flavored Fancy Feast; and the maple donut and hazelnut Maple Munchkin.

The cafe also has the regular hot, iced and cold brew coffee, as well as hot and iced tea. Special teas include the Laser Pointer, which is black iced tea with hibiscus and dragon fruit, and the Russian Blue, which is green iced tea with blueberry lavender. The full menu can be found on Bajah’s Cat Cafe’s website.

Whether visitors go just for the cats or just for the cafe, they are sure to have a great time at Bajah’s Cat Cafe. Both the cats and people are friendly, and the atmosphere is all around comfortable to be in.

For more information on Bajah’s Cat Cafe, visit their website or their Facebook page, which is constantly updated with available cats and goodies.