Welcoming new Assistant Director to RWU

Aleyra Lamarche joins the RWU community as the IC’s new Assistant Director


Courtesy of Aleyra Lamarche

Aleyra Lamarche is the new Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Student Success. Her office can be found in the Intercultural Center on campus.

“It’s really exciting to see people on their path and on their journey, and just being there to witness it and help them along the way.”
The Intercultural Center (IC) welcomes Aleyra Lamarche as its new Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Student Success. She has recently graduated from UMass Amherst’s M.Ed program, but Lamarche has also done volunteer work through AmeriCorps VISTA.
The past three years have been busy for Lamarche, especially with COVID-19 hitting in the middle of her graduate program.
“It did not turn out the way I thought,” Lamarche said. Becoming the Assistant Director is the first full-time job she’s had outside of graduate school. “It’s been a lot, I’m still settling in and processing it all.”
As an undergraduate, Lamarche went to the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass. Much like Roger Williams University, Holy Cross is a predominantly white institution, but its marginalized community was active with involvement both on campus and off.
“That was something that I was seeing within Roger, just from the outside looking in,” Lamarche stated.
What Lamarche remembered most from the students who interviewed her back in March was that they just wanted to have fun. Lamarche remembered thinking, “You know what? I need to be in this environment where I’m helping foster this positive environment for students.”
With a focus on student success, Lamarche’s goal is to help students define success within themselves.
“Everyone defines [success] differently,” Lamarche stated. “I’ll help students find that for themselves and then help them towards that.”
Lamarche looks forward to working with students and helping them through their journey at college. Especially when working with groups like Pathway To Purpose, she wants to create an environment where students benefit from working with these programs, and are enjoying them as well.
Lamarche is also excited to get to know students, including talking to them about their lives and learning about the things they are passionate about. She is also excited about seeing the growth in students, especially the freshmen.
With the new year having just started, Lamarche welcomes students to swing by her office in the IC, even if they are just interested in chatting.
“If students are interested in seeing me and knowing me, just come to my door,” Lamarche said. “It’s a very friendly and open space.”