Top 10 Met Gala celebrity outfits

Maggie Hurley, Herald Reporter

The Met Gala made its return this year with a two-part event celebrating the history of American fashion. Generally held annually on the first Monday of May, the event occurred on Sept. 13, 2021; the second half of the gala will be held on May 2 and will follow the same theme.

Typically, the Met Gala can be counted on for an evening of extravagance and outfits to marvel at. However, with a theme as vague as “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” many of the celebrities in attendance did not show up ready to take risks. A vast majority of the male celebrities wore average black suits, while nearly all of the female celebrities opted to play it safe and don silhouettes reminiscent of Old Hollywood.

Here, is a list of the ten Met Gala attendees who best fit this year’s theme:

1. Quannah Chasinghorse partnered with Dundas to create a look influenced by her Hän Gwich’in and Oglala Lakota roots. Click here to view Chasinghorse’s outfit.

2. Jeremy Pope wore an outfit entirely of white cotton and made a statement on his Instagram page, stating: “They planted seeds of beauty,⁣ tended to fields with unspeakable strength, ⁣& harvested a kind of excellence that would outlive them for centuries. So that we could one day stand up, stretch toward the sun, & tell their story.⁣” Click here to view Pope’s outfit.

3. Lili Reinhart wore a lovely pink corset dress with a massive train adorned with the official flower of all 50 states. Click here to view Reinhart’s outfit.

4. Jennifer Lopez took American fashion to the next level in a Western-cowboy inspired look by Ralph Lauren. Click here to view Lopez’s outfit.

5. Gemma Chan paid homage to Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong with a dress bearing a dragon motif designed by Nepalese-American designer Prabal Gurung. Chan even wore her hair in a style identical to one donned by Wong in the past. Click here to view Chan’s outfit.

6. Many of the female stars in attendance went for classic Hollywood inspired looks, but none achieved the same impact as model Anok Yai’s Oscar de la Renta gown and shawl did. Click here to view Yai’s outfit.

7. Nikkie de Jager, commonly known as NikkieTutorials on YouTube, wore an amazing gown inspired by Marsha P. Johnson, paying tribute to the transgender women who paved the way. Click here to view de Jager’s outfit.

8. Lil Nas X teamed up with Versace for his first Met Gala and created three amazing looks for his red carpet appearance. Click here to view X’s outfit.
9. Iman looked like a golden goddess on the red carpet in her massive, feathered outfit by Dolce & Gabbana X Harris Reed. Click here to view Iman’s outfit.

10. Ben Platt’s outfit gave a fantastic twist on American, Springsteen-style denim. Click here to view Platt’s outfit.