University announces Strategic Action Plan

The plan outlines five strategic priorities and numerous initiatives


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The Strategic Action Plan can be found on the RWU website under the “Who We Are” tab. The plan outlines five strategic priorities the university will work to implement starting this year.

The new school year has just begun and Roger Williams University has announced its Strategic Action Plan today with new initiatives starting this year.

The new plan comes with new information on the RWU website. It outlines the five strategic priorities the university will be focusing on this year. These include academic excellence, engaged learning, student success, a thriving community and sustainable future.

The university’s core values were created in 2014 and reaffirmed in 2019. These core values, according to the university, set the core purpose “to strengthen society through engaged teaching, learning and research.”

Chief of Staff Brian Williams said the university will collaborate with students, faculty and staff on key aspects of the plan and long-term aspirations for the university.

“This plan is a launchpad to design a stronger future and educational experience for our students, a plan that will evolve and continue to find new opportunities and ideas,” said Williams. “With that in mind, it’s important that we keep having dialogue with the Student Senate and hold open sessions for all undergraduate, graduate and law students through this year so we hear your voices about programs, experiences and spaces across both our campuses.”

University President Ioannis Miaoulis sees everyone in the university doing a great job, he sees the excellence in the graduating students, the faculty and the research conducted on campus.

“I am constantly proud of the areas of excellence and the incredible work of our faculty, staff and students across the university,” said Miaoulis.

The initiatives for academic excellence include taking an interdisciplinary approach to research opportunities and learning and working with the community. It also includes developing “a best-in-class universal design for online learning,” according to the university’s website.

All the initiatives include a piece about embedded equity as it relates to the five priorities as well as how the university will measure their success.

The engaged learning initiatives include the piloting of first-year undergraduate research experiences in marine biology led by Dr. Koty Sharp. New service learning graduation requirements are part of the initiatives as well.

The university is devoted to providing the means for students to succeed. Whether it be through academic and career advising, personalized educational pathways or focusing on student wellness. The First-Year Learning Community falls under this initiative as well as designing programs for high school students, providing enhanced resources for transfer students and broadening opportunities for study abroad programs.

The plan’s thriving community section is geared more towards faculty and staff. The university will aim to increase communication and technology use for faculty and staff as well as pilot an onboarding program for new hires starting in January 2022.

The final initiative is a sustainable future. RWU will be restoring the Campus Sustainability Committee and will hire a Sustainability Coordinator.

“When I speak with parents, alumni, potential donors, and our board members about all that is happening at Roger, they sense a momentum that things are changing at the University,” said Miaoulis. “However, what really excites me is knowing that when we take these things we do well, collaborate more fully and strengthen our efforts together, it will bring RWU to the next level in how we serve our students and the greater community.”

Campus community members are encouraged to leave feedback on the plan. Those who are interested in sharing their thoughts on the plan and the future of the university can email their ideas to [email protected]